Leak detection with liquid penetrant inspection process.– (Author: sunlonge)

Leak detection with liquid penetrant inspection process.– (Author: sunlonge)

时间:2021-10-30 编辑:sunlonge

We know that leak detection is an application which is developed from the liquid penetrant inspection. By using fluorescent or color contrast penetrant to enhance visual detection of leaks.

In leak detection service, the leak refers to the physical hole and leakage refers to the flow of a fluid through a leak. Leak testing to detect and locate leaks is important to be able to repair unacceptable leaks in vessels or systems such as holding or process tanks, pipe system. Penetrant inspection of leaks is generally subjective as compared to the quantitative leak inspection using tracer gas and pressure change techniques.

In liquid penetrant leak testing the penetrant is applied on one side of the enclosing wall or surface of the test object and then allowed to seep through any leaks. Both visible and fluorescent penetrant may be used here as liquid dye tracers. After the penetrant has dwelled, the opposite side of the wall is inspected to see if any penetrant seeped through.

Now leak detection is widely used in the modern industry. The refrigerant, oil, coolant, fuel or automatic transmission fluid will sooner or later leaks. Then leak detection is necessary. Early location will help save the huge cost of replacement in the future. The whole process is also quite simple, including 2 parts. A high UV intensity lamp is teamed up with the appropriate fluorescent UV dye. The fluorescent UV dye will be added to the system and circulated. Then the dye collects at all leak sites. Then the system is inspected with the high UV intensity lamp. The lamp will show the precise location of every leak with a bright glow. Meanwhile the UV dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect system components or performance.

The process is quite accurate. It can detect the leaks even smaller than 4ML. Moreover, safe, easy, save time and labor. All make the leak detection become more and more popular in the modern industry.