How to select the fluorescent UV dye in auto leak detection service?—sunlonge

How to select the fluorescent UV dye in auto leak detection service?—sunlonge

时间:2022-6-30 编辑:sunlonge

Car oil leaks is common issues for most fuel cars. If small leaks are left without fixed, small leaks can become big problems. It may result in huge repair cost. With conventional methods, the slight leaks are impossible to be detected by even the professional technician. Now with the fluorescent UV dye and UV light, even the slight leak can be detected and then fixed. Then huge cost can be saved in advance.

As for the key part in the auto leak detection, fluorescent UV dye is becoming and will be more and more popular in the auto industry. However, how to select a suitable and reliable fluorescent UV dye for your vehicle, several important issues need to be considered:

1) Dosage ratio

For the fluorescent UV dye, the dosage ratio is the key parameter. Under same condition, the high

concentration UV dye is tuned to better fluorescent under a UV light. With same volume, the concentration UV dye can used for more vehicles’ inspection. Compared with the diluted liquid dye, Sunlonge can offer the real high concentration UV dye. SL3100 water-based UV dye is with 1:3000 dosage ratio. That means 1L SL3100 can treat 3000L order in the real inspection. High concentration UV dye can definitely offer a much more reliable and cost-effective inspection service.

2) Stay stable in extreme conditions.

The fluorescent UV dye should be inert, organic material. Under the normal working temperature and pressure conditions, the fluorescent UV dye will not produce any chemical reaction. Sunlonge UV dyes are totally inert and environmentally friendly organic materials. The oil-based UV dye SL3200 can be used in extreme environment ranging from low temperature to minimal 40 degrees below freezing and high temperature to 400 degrees above freezing. It can remain stable under extreme conditions without or with weak chemical reactions which can ensure safe use in extreme environment.

3) Good compatibility and environmentally-friendly

The fluorescent UV dye can not damage the metal and non-metal material of the system in the auto detection service. In the long-term operation of the detected system, it has good compatibility with the original medium in the system. Sunlonge SL3200 is totally co-solvent free organic material. It can be tuned better fluoresces under a UV light. Meanwhile, the SL3200 UV dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect the system components or performance. And the organic material is totally environment friendly and meet the international environment standards. It is safe to the inspectors, the environment as well.

Before your selection, by carefully considering your current request. With the right fluorescent UV dye, it can help make the auto leak detection service much faster and more efficient.