Select the best auto fluorescent leak detection lamp–sunlonge

Select the best auto fluorescent leak detection lamp–sunlonge

时间:2022-6-30 编辑:sunlonge

When you are selecting the fluorescent leak detection lamps for the auto leak detection service, knowing what the lamp features is critical. As the best dye companion for detecting and locating the leaks in auto systems, eg, engine, water tank, oil tank. It can be really challenging to select the right tool on the current market with so many options. When teamed with the fluorescent UV dye, the quality leak detection lamp will finally create the best fluoresces possible for the appropriate application.

Fluorescent leak detection can be considered the branch application of the UV NDT service. As we all know, UV light is invisible to the human eye because it is a higher magnitude of energy. When UV light is absorbed by fluorescent material, the light is reflected as visible light. This is known to us as the core principle of fluorescent leak detection. The higher UV intensity, the brighter will the fluoresces be.

Considering that, the primary features for the leak detection lamp are quite clearly, namely wavelength, UV intensity and beam area. Fluorescent UV dye usually glows under varying wavelength, but for the better fluorescent results, UV light is the very one because it can easily activate the fluorescent response. These wavelengths fall within 300-400NM range which peak wavelength is at 365NM. This is critical for the leak detection lamp.

The UV intensity can help create bright fluorescent response. With higher UV intensity, the fluoresces can be much brighter. It can help capture the slight pinhole leaks in the auto leak detection service. No potential leaks can help the vehicle to run for much longer. The beam area can help create the focus illumination to project the light. The light beam should be designed to form an evenly lit spot at around 15 inch distance. With wider and even beam, the service can be with much higher efficiency. A lot of time and much labor cost can be saved.

There are many different UV lamps on the current market, a lamp can get the brightest fluoresces response is the very one for the leak detection service. As a leading supplier in the auto leak detection field, Sunlonge developed full set series leak detection lamp for the auto makers and suppliers. Sunlonge SL6300 leak detection lamp, with the customize-design optical lens, can create the 80 000 uw/cm2 at 15 inch distance, totally NO 1 in the industry. SL6300 can definitely detect the exact source of every slight leaks.

Teamed with Sunlonge high concentration UV dye, Sunlonge now can offer a comprehensive solution for the auto industry customers. We will be working closely with our auto customers to offer more and more innovative products in the future.