Sunlonge new UV light for a better fluorescent leak detection

Sunlonge new UV light for a better fluorescent leak detection

时间:2023-8-25 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent leak detection, we all know, is being more important in the industry application, special in the automotive and HVAC field. Cos if the small leaks are not detected and fixed, they may result in expensive repair cost.

Besides the fluorescent UV dye, the UV light is the core parts in the fluorescent leak detection. Cos the UV dye can only fluoresce under the scanning of the UV light. That means with a more high performance UV lights, under same condition, you can have a much more reliable inspection results.

Sunlonge is insisted on offering better UV lights for the industry customers. So we have developed the new SL1200 model, a true industrial UV light with affordable pricing. We are quite sure SL1200 can offer a reliable solution for all the fluorescent leak detection customers.

SL1200 is a compact design UV light which is quite suitable for industrial leak detection service. It features as below:

1. The true 365NM UV light.

As we all know, the fluorescent UV dye are tuned to better fluoresces under 365NM UV light. For the UV LED light, the peak wavelength varies and depends on the LED when the light is produced. To ensure the UV LED lamp can better perform in the fluorescent leak detection, the LEDs need to have a peak wavelength with the range of 360-370NM. And Sunlonge UV light SL1200 keep the peak wavelength at 365NM to offer you good selection for the fluorescent leak detection.

2. UV intensity.

UV intensity is the another key factor to consider before our selection on UV light in the fluorescent leak detection service. If a light with higher UV intensity, the UV dye can be tuned to much brighter fluoresce in the fluorescent leak detection. With Sunlonge customized optical lens, the UV intensity of SL1200 can be up to 45 000 uw/cm2, which is much stronger than the UV light in the current. With SL1200 UV light, you can definitely perform better in the detection.

With carefully selection before the testing, the inspectors can be confident they are getting the right tool with the application. And Sunlonge SL1200 is the very solution for you, a faster and more efficient one.