Company history:

In 2017, the Newton ring surface inspection lamp was successfully launched;

In 2015, a series of glass panel surface inspection lights were successfully launched;

In 2014, the large-area dimmable UV lamp SL8108 system was launched;

In 2013, Yinghong Technology Co., Ltd. was established, focusing on the domestic market;

In 2012, multiple sets of optical lenses were successfully developed;

In 2010, the UVL110 ultraviolet lamp was launched, and the ultraviolet intensity was as high as 25000uw/cm2 or more;

In 2009, the customized AT069 UV lamp special reflector was successfully developed;

In 2008, the high-pressure gas bulb technology was successfully developed, and RAT073-UV was launched;

In 2006, HK Sunlonge INT’L Co., Limited was established;