Water Tracing Fluorescent Dye

Water Tracing Fluorescent Dye

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Water Tracing Fluorescent Dye.(Author: SUNLONGE Administrator)


 In leak detection service, oil-based and the water tracing dye are mainly used. Oil-based dye is main used in gasoline and diesel engines. And today we will talk about the other one. Water tracing dye is used by public work departments, engineers, sanitary authorities to trace water.

 The applications include but not limited to:

 1. Detecting leaks in sewage systems, ponds and closed systems.

2. Detecting toilet tank leaks in plumbing tracing and septic system tracing

3. Detecting illegal sewer connections

4. Monitoring water flow and mapping.

Choose a dye color based on contrast to the background of the water body. For example, red dyes provide contrast against heavy concentrations of algae. Many water tracing dyes are available in both liquid and powder. Contact your local authorities to determine dye suitability specific to your geographic area.

 Make your work easier with easy to see, easy to use fluorescent dye tracing product from bright dye.

Bright dyes are used to:

 Detect leaks in sewage systems.Trace water and industrial effluents.

 Trace cross connection systems.

 Measure power plant discharge.

 Detect toilet tank leaks.

 Detect illegal sewer connections.

 Monitor flow studies and mapping.

 Analyze septic systems.