How fluorescent UV dye works with industrial UV technology?

How fluorescent UV dye works with industrial UV technology?

时间:2023-9-27 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent UV dyes are now widely used in the industrial application, eg automotive and HVAC/R field. In order to work optimally, you need a high quality fluorescent UV dye as well as a cutting edge UV LED lamp. Then you can carry out the fluorescent leak detection efficiently and detect and locate the leaks accurately.

As we know, fluorescent leak detection is a simple method often used in the filed of NDT(Non-destructive testing) to safely and effectively detect leaks in engines, hydraulic systems, A/C systems and much more. Fluorescent leak detection is suitable for any liquid circuit of machines and systems.

On one hand, the fluorescent leak detection can quickly identify the leaks and exit points. On the other hand, lots of companies also use fluorescent leak detection to prevent machine failures, expensive repairs. In heavy industrial plants, the oil and hydraulic leaks are a major cost factor in particular. And it can be integrated into the existing work processes with relatively simple and cost-effective fluorescent leak detection. So the significant cost saving can be possible.

With a powerful UV light, the fluorescent UV dye can detect the locate the smallest leaks in the leak detection. The interaction of fluorescent UV dye, powerful UV light as well as the coordination between these aspects and the specific application determine how well, cheaply and safely the leak detection is possible.

The actual process of fluorescent leak detection is quite simple. First, add the fluorescent UV dye into the system and let the UV dye circulate. Then scan the system with a powerful UV light, then all the leaks will glowing brightly.

If an undetected leak in the vehicle engine, the leaking oil can lead to unnoticed pollution of the environment with every drop of lost liquid and at the same time high cost can arise. That is exactly where fluorescent leak detection comes in, due to its safe, efficient and cost-effective.

Security is another factor to be considered. Occupational safety and sustainable production are being increasingly important. The fluorescent leak detection can ensure that the products production are cheaper and more sustainable.

The basic tools for fluorescent leak detection is the fluorescent UV dye and leak detection light. This makes fluorescent leak detection workable. As a leading manufacturer of fluorescent material and UV device, Sunlonge can produce high quality fluorescent UV dye and real industrial UV lights. Whatever you need for the fluorescent leak detection, we can offer you the very tool.