Fluorescent leak detection dyes for auto engine system(Author: sunlonge)

Fluorescent leak detection dyes for auto engine system(Author: sunlonge)

时间:2020-12-31 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent dyes can provide the faster and more accurate leak detection way for the auto engine system. When add to a suspect system, the escaping fluorescent dye exits all the leak areas. Exposing the system to violet light cause the dye to fluoresce brightly. Very small leaks can be detected at a distance and technicians can be certain of the exact location of all leaks.

Comparing other methods

Other methods of leak detection are slow, time consuming, and cannot detect multiple leak site easily. For example, the bubble solution method can only detect the visible leaks. This method is less accurate and cannot effectively detect leaks with the entire system. For outdoor units, the bubble solution method can be affected by windy weather and low light conditions, providing inaccurate results and endangering system integrity.

     Fluorescent leak detection dyes for auto engine system(Author: sunlonge)

Add only one time

Sunlonge fluorescent dyes have the added benefit of being able to remain safely within the repaired system. During yearly system maintenance, a technician simply must rescan the system with one of Sunlonge high intensity UV flashlight. This long-lasting application makes fluorescent dyes the perfect tool for preventative maintenance and annual inspection.

 Fluorescent leak detection dyes for auto engine system(Author: sunlonge)

Safer and brighter

Sunlonge patented dye are co-solvent free, meaning they are safer and of a higher quality than other dyes on the market. Co-solvent based dyes can affect the chemical properties of the lubricant in the system, affecting system performance and increasing the risk of additional leaks. In addition to being safe, Sunlonge fluorescent dyes are more concentrated than the competitors’ dyes. That means less fluorescent dye is required and the overall performance of the system is unaffected.


Today, all supplier of auto system equipment require specifically endorsed tools and products for system maintenance. Using unapproved diagnostic products will void the equipment’s warranty and affect service life. We Sunlonge takes great care to acquire and maintain the product line and for every market.