How to choose a UV flashlight in the leak detection service

How to choose a UV flashlight in the leak detection service

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How to choose a UV flashlight in the leak detection service

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 Leak detection is becoming more and more popular in the current industry, especial in automotive field. Because with conventional methods, leaks are often virtually impossible to locate and find. Finally, it will result in expensive repair cost. We can see that leak detection will play a more and more important role in the modern industry.

 Besides the UV dye, UV flashlight is the key and core parts in the leak detection. Cos leaks can be seen glow brightly with the scanning of the UV flashlight. So for a lamp to be selective in the leak detection service, many issues need to be considered.

 1. Peak wavelength.

 Peak wavelength is an important factor when selecting a leak detection lamp. Because the UV dye are tuned to better fluorescent under UVA 365 NM.

 For UV flashlight, the peak wavelength varies and depends on the LED when the flashlight is produced. To ensure that the UV flashlight can better perform in the leak detection field, the LEDs NEED to have a peak wavelength with the range of 360-370NM. Sunlonge UV flashlight series keep the peak wavelength at 365NM to offer your good selection for the leak detection.

UV Leak Detection Flashlight

UV Leak Detection Flashlight

 2. Beam area

 The beam area of the UV flashlight is the measure of the surface above the irradiance. Usually small beam area is more helpful for inspection in some tight area like holes, weld joints, and internal surface.

 Adjustable beam area can help provide irradiation to the area peripheral to the inspection. This can help the inspector locate and identify leaks in the peripheral area for closer inspection.


 3. UV intensity

 UV intensity is another key factor for leak detection UV flashlight. 2 different UV flashlight with 365NM peak wavelength, the one with higher UV intensity are tuned to much better fluorescent in the leak detection. About the sunlonge SL8300-H and SL6300-H,UV Intensity of SL8300-H is more than 45000UW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm);UV Intensity of SL6300-H is more than 80000UW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm);Their performance is the bestBecause other  UV Flashlihgt only is 25000uw/cm2.Anyway, by carefully considering their testing need before investing in a LED UV lamp, inspector professionals can be confident they are getting the right tool to help make their leak detection inspection faster and more efficient.