How to Use UV NDT LAMP As a Professor.

How to Use UV NDT LAMP As a Professor.

时间:2020-6-17 编辑:sunlonge

1. Before using a UV NDT lamp, you should read the instruction manual carefully to understand and master the structure and technical performance of the instrument. Check whether the power supply is consistent with the requirements of the fluorescent flaw detection lamp and the connection is correct before the power supply can be turned on.

2. Before first use or long-term storage and alternation, check whether the UV NDT lamp is intact.
3. When working on the switch, the power can not be switched on and off continuously. The switching interval is 15 minutes. Continuous switching power directly affects the life of the entire system.

4. Before use, you should check whether the voltage is suitable for the requirements of the UV NDT lamp. If it is too high or too low, it will affect the life and illuminance of the fluorescent lamp.
5. The fluorescent flaw detection lamp has a built-in fan as a heat dissipation device, which should work regularly and reliably, otherwise it is easy to damage the entire system.

UV Leak Detection Flashlights 1

6. The flaw detection lamp and its accessories should be used or placed in a clean, dry, non-corrosive environment.
7. Align the touch lamp and wipe it with a special mirror paper, which will damage the lamp.