Fluorescent UV dye for aviation leak detection

Fluorescent UV dye for aviation leak detection

时间:2023-9-27 编辑:sunlonge

As we all know, aviation safety can be the critical thing for the aerospace industry. Now millions of people are travelling with planes everyday. Considering that, it makes more sense to make sure that the planes in the sky, take-off and land safely.

No matter for the commercial jets or military aircraft, as time going by, it will develop leaks on the fuel tanks. How to find the fix the aircraft fuel tank leaks can be a tough and time-consuming task. Usually it will be left to the technician. And the jets will be pulled from service and parked in a designated safe area.

In the last decades, the process is usually like this. First, the leakage area is marked. Then the tank defueled, opened and allowed to dry. A well trained technician dresses in anti-static clothing and ensures that the tank environment meets safety standards before entering the tank. Once inside, the area in question is located, sealant removed, and fasteners replaced if necessary. Safety is of highest importance. So the worked-on area is cleaned thoroughly and prepare for the reseal.

Then the sealant is allowed to dry, and opening are closed. The fuel tank is pressurized with shop air and the suspected area is sprayed with a soap solution. The soap solution is used to look for the telltale bubble coming from a leak. If bubble do appear, the process can be repeated, and oversized fasteners are installed or another round of sealant is applied. If no bubble appear, the tank is refueled and put on watch for leaks. If not leaks appear, the aircraft can be returned to service.

Currently the aerospace industry does not use the bubble solution due to the lower efficiency and unreliable. Now fluorescent UV dyes are the widely accepted by the most players in the field. As the leading manufacturer of fluorescent material and UV tools, Sunlonge produces universal oil-based fluorescent UV dye SL3200 that can be used to locate leaks in all aviation fluid systems. SL3200 fluorescent UV dye is reliable and safe to use in aircraft fuel, hydraulic and lubricating systems and also safe to use in turbine and reciprocating engines. Using SL3200 for leak detection is about as easy as it gets. You just add a prescribed amount of fluorescent dye to the leaking fluid system and let it circulate.

And the fluorescent UV dye can be used under all normal operating conditions and temperatures. When the mixture escapes at the leak site, it glows a bright fluorescent yellow color when illuminated with a Sunlonge high intensity UV lights. SL3200 fluorescent UV dye in different sized containers and works with UV lights to easily to check for leaks in those hard to get to places.

For the aviation industry, fluorescent UV dye can be definitely a better solution. The fluorescent UV dye can decrease the number of aircraft grounded for repair work. As a tip to customers with SL3200 fluorescent UV dye, we suggests that “wherever possible, leaks sites should be scanned with the UV light under low ambient light conditions in order to enhance the fluorescent reaction of the fluorescent UV dye”