How to find R-1234YF leaks in the automotive A/C system  (Author: sunlonge)

How to find R-1234YF leaks in the automotive A/C system (Author: sunlonge)

时间:2021-12-30 编辑:sunlonge

How to find R-1234YF leaks in the automotive A/C system   (Author: sunlonge)

 Electrical vehicles are now more and more popular today. According to some news source report, now Most modern, high-tech electrical vehicles (traditional vehicles as well) are using the high-efficient R-1234YF(R-134a) to keep personnel and passenger cool, easy and comfortable. These A/C systems have a much smaller refrigerant charge and require a high-quality, super concentrated UV dye. Because even the smallest leaks can cause the reduction of cooling capacity. Simple add the UV dye to the system, scan with a UV light, and see all the leaks glow brightly.

How to find leaks

Preventive maintenance (PM) for the electrical vehicles (EVs) is quite important for reliability and extending service life. Not having a good preventive maintenance program can be harmful to the family budget.Cos a small leak can cause big problems in the future which may result in a large increase in the vehicle maintenance. If things can be solved in the early stage, much can be saved and vehicles can be running for a loner period.Having a good PM program for EVs or just updating an existing one to meet standards is not that difficult.

UV dye leak detection

A daily inspection is very useful in finding issues early on. Educated, conscientious drivers can find 30% of problems before they become more costly to repair. A driver equipped with one of our UV lights can easily scan the engine compartment for leaks. If any glowing, then the leak sites are found. The driver can immediately schedule a maintenance call.

How did we do

Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye SL3200 is the perfect tool for diagnosing the automotive R-1234YF A/C system. SL3200, the super concentrated fluorescent UV dye, can be poured into the system directly. Then let the system run on for a while. Then just scan the system with Sunlonge UV LED light,—you can use SL6300, the UV Intensity: 80000UW/cm2 at 15inch even the smallest leaks can be detected with our leak detection kits.With this, even the tiny pinpoint leaks can be located and be fixed. The A/C system can be running in good condition. The drivers can be easy condition without any concern on the A/C performance.