How to fix the water pump leaks–(Author: sunlonge)

How to fix the water pump leaks–(Author: sunlonge)

时间:2021-12-30 编辑:sunlonge

The water pump acts as a central tool to the engine, playing a key role in a vehicle’s cooling system. To allow for a vehicle’s long life, preventive maintenance and thorough care must be taken seriously to avoid pump’s leaks and potential failure.Usually, the water pump leaks mean the sign of engine mal-function. Understand the main cause and know how to fix these leaks can help pro-long the vehicle’s performance and lifespan.

The main cause of the water pump leaks:

1. Use of wrong coolant liquid

A suitable coolant will be determined not only by the type of vehicle, but also by the climate and region where the vehicle is to be driven, thus, only the right coolant will fulfil its temperature-regulating mission.If mixing two different coolant can create solid residue in the circuit and cause leaks between the two contact faces of the dynamic seal. This will eventually lead to corrosive deposits that can generate clogging, cavitation damage and corrosion.

2. Improper use of sealant paste

Sealant paste in water pumps is only necessary for those models that are provided without a gasket. If this is the case, be aware that the use of excessive sealant during the installation can damage the engine.

3. Lack of preventive maintenance

Maintenance should be always carried out by qualified professionals with the skills, experience and necessary tools to inspect, adjust, replace and repair any components that are not performing as intended.

Besides this, specialists must advise end users to dig a little deeper into the condition of their pump by carrying out routine checks and considering best practices such as replacing the water pump and distribution system at the same time for a long-lasting vehicle service.

As we all know, preventive rather than corrective maintenance allows the solving of existing faults before these affect pump performances. Find the slight leaks in the pump and fix it in advance. Then you can prevent the further high cost in the future.

Sunlone developed the easy way that can fix all the slight leaks in the pump. Sunlonge SL3100 fluorescent UV dye and professional UV leak detection lamp. The whole process is simple as well. Just pour the SL3100 fluorescent UV dye into the water pump and started the system for a while. Then you just scan the system with Sunlonge UV leak detection lamp. The leaks will glow brightly under high UV intensity UV leak detection lamp.