UVA-6W Blacklight

UVA-6W Blacklight

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UVA-6W Blacklight

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UVA-6W Blacklight

UVA-6W  battery operated, protable,mini uv lamp

•     Affordable  Competitively priced to offer the best value for your money.

•     Versatile  Ideal for countless applications.

•     Compact  Pocket-sized unit measures only 268*75*48cm

•     Portable   Conveniently transportable for on-site or field applications. Lightweight, transistorized unit provides 4 to 6 hours of use.Uses three 1.5V standard D size batteries (not included). Handy nylon wrist strap provided.

•     Convenient  All units feature anti-slip, plastic screw for trouble-free tube changing. Sliding cover ensures easy battery replacement.

The usual combinations are provided in the table below.

A 6W blacklight blue UV tube produces a UV light spectral output within the wavelength range 350 nm – 400 nm, optimum for UV-A fluorescent inspection applications.

UV tube

1 x 6 W blacklight blue tube

Power supply

3 x D batteries

Weight (including batteries)

230 g


26.8 *7.5*4.8 CM

 Main purposes:counterfeit note detection,Examine documents, stamps, maps, With a built in UV light, this device makes it easy to closely inspect a surface

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