Adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight

Adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight

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Super The viper SL8300-UV adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight

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Super The viper SL8300-UV adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight


Model: Super The viper SL8300-UV adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight

 (Abbreviation The viper SL8300-UV)


UV Intensity: 1000-45000UW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm) -See the list;Low visible light emiss ion:less than 2 foot-candles (22 lux)

Number of UV LEDs: 1 x 5W 365NM UV LED with lens, average LED life is 30,000 hours

Power supply: 3.7V 4800 Mah  26650  lithium battery;

Operating Time: 4 hours (continuous)

Irradiated  Area in 38cm Distance:  Ø 100-250mm-See the list.

Stability of UV Intensity: > 90%

Product Size: 216*46mm  ;  WEIGHT :328 g without  accessories

Super The viper SL8300-UV Flashlight can adjustable-light beam  from spotlight to floodlight ,so UV Intensity:1000-45000UW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm)

Radiation cone XL (Ø 250 mm): 20000μW/cm2

Radiation cone L (Ø 150 mm): 35000 μW/cm2

Radiation cone M (Ø 100 mm): 45000 μW/cm2

Adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight

SL8300 Series:SL8300-Hight VersionSL8300–Standard Version;SL8300-Aerospace RRES90061;

Abbreviation:SL8300-H,SL8300-S;SL8300-AR (We master the core technology, We can adjust the UV intensity  according to customer requirements)


SL8300-Aerospace RRES90061

SL8300-Standard Version

SL8300-Hight Version

Number of UV LEDs

1 x 5W 365NM UV LED,Optical lens + filter

1 x 5W 365NM UV LED,Optical lens + filter

1 x 5W 365NM UV LED,Optical lens

UV Intensity at 15inch(380mm)







Visible light emission

< 0.5 FC(5 lux)
 with white light filters Meets ASTM E3022 and  RRES 90061

< 2 FC(20 lux)

 with black light filters 

No  filters 

Irradiated Area in 38cm Distance




Power supply

Polymer battery pack DC

The Same

The Same

Suitable for industry

All Aeronautics NDT

Except Aeronautics NDT

Except Aeronautics NDT

Attention to:

SL8300-Aerospace RRES90061   Meets Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements,

ASTM E1417, ASTM E1444, ASTM E 709, ASTM E2297, ASTM E3022 compliant


Super The viper SL8300-UV adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight from spotlight to floodlight

1. Super The viper SL8300-UV adjustable-light beam UV LED Flashlight provides maximum UV-A performance immediately after switch-on and is especially suited for quick inspections or checks of poorly accessible areas.                      

2. The high spotlight radiation intensity of the Super The viper SL8300-UV,  a high fluorescence stimulation can be achieved – this way, even minor  so high that even low luminance traces are clearly visible even in daylight.

3. In contrast to conventional UV torches, Super The viper SL8300-UV can not only be used in spotlight mode: An integrated focus ring enables the infinitely variable regulation of the UV-A radiation cone from spotlight to floodlight. This variable focal length adjustment allows a very wide range of applications of Super The viper SL8300-UV .

4. Whether spot light with maximum fluorescence excitation or flood light for a quick examination of larger areas – with just a twist of the focus ring of this ultra compact UV-A hand lamp you always have the optimum light intensity for each task.

5.Whether for leak detection in buildings, some areas of forensics, or non-destructive testing of materials in the industry – the rapidly deployable Super The viper SL8300-UV the user a high degree of flexibility .


Super The viper SL8300-UV Flashlight, Charger, carry case; Spare UV Filter Glasses;


Penetration testing, fluorescence detection, Biopolymers, fluorescence observation,

Refrigerant leak detection, Engine oil leak detection;Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed,

Fluorescence observation of ore, Detection of oil cleaning

Main purposes:

Fluorescence detection: iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, aircraft, fluorescent penetrant  inspection, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection,

Pollution check: electronic components, boards, dust inspection, LCD panel, checked into the clean room,

Leak Check: hydraulic machines, sump, pipe and other oil spill inspection, leak detection using fluorescent agents,

Degreasing cleaning validation: the food industry, kitchen, cooking utensils, tableware degreasing cleaning

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