Fluorescent UV dye for the EV industry—sunlonge

Fluorescent UV dye for the EV industry—sunlonge

时间:2023-3-28 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent UV dye for the EV industry.


The EV(Electric Vehicles) has changed the world already. And now we need a new and updated  fluorescent UV dyes for the EVs. BYD stopped the development and production of all fuel vehicles in 2022. Meanwile BYD is selling 1.8M EVs in 2022 and with market share 18.4% in EV market and become the top one EVs supplier, with automobiles ranging from commercial vehicles to SUVs and more.

We can expect that EVs to overtake the fueled vehicles. In 2022, the EVs supplier is selling 6.88M EVs in China and EVs account for 25.6% of new vehicles sales. Due to the pressure of environmental protection and climate warming, more and more traditional automakers are facing the carbon emission from the authorities. And BYD’s success also adds pressure for the companies to adapt and innovate.



In recent years, many vehicle manufacturers have decided to invest heavily in the EV technology. In 2021, Toyota announced that it will invest 70 billion USD to develop electric and hybrid vehicles in the next 9 years and the targeted 4M EVs sales in 2023. Das-auto, GM, BMW, BENZ, all have aggressive plans to expand the EVs offering in current vehicle market.

Compared with the fueled vehicles, the EVs are a total new systems. When meeting with the leaks issue, the technician will need new and modern tools for servicing the EVs. The EVs can leak fluids just like the fueled vehicles. EVs also have the A/C oil and coolant fluids that are susceptible to the same wear and tear damage. But the systems are different, so technician will need different tools.

Sunlonge is always following this change in the vehicle industry and actively responding to it. The SL3200 fluorescent UV dye is our answer to the EVs compressor oil. This fluorescent UV dye is completely compatible with EV A/C compressors. The UV dye is specially formulated. Even the slightest leaks can be detected and located in the real inspection.



The operation is quite easy. You just need to add the fluorescent UV dye SL3200 into the system and then circulated. Then scan the whole system with the UV lamp. Since the SL3200 fluorescent UV dye collects at all the possible leak sites, the UV lamp can show the precise location of every leak with a bright glow. After that, the fluorescent UV dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect the system components or performance.

These days, our SL3200 fluorescent UV dye is tested and approved by many EVs. For more information about our EV A/C leak detection dyes, please contact us or visit our product page.