How to fix an A/C refrigerant leak at home?

How to fix an A/C refrigerant leak at home?

时间:2022-9-29 编辑:sunlonge

If you suspect an A/C refrigerant leak at your home, you probably already know something can be wrong with you’re A/C unit. Take fast action to fix the refrigerant leak to reduce the damage of risk to you A/C system.

There are always some signs of a refrigerant leaks, eg, some moisture near the unit, less effective cooling. If there is no obvious signs and you are trying to figure out if the unit has a leak. Then you can turn to an expert inspection for help.

     The first step is to deal with an refrigerant leak, it is worth knowing why a leak can sometimes occur. In all A/C system, the refrigerant inside the unit is used to remove heat from the air that is pulled through your AC system. The amount of refrigerant remains the same throughout the life of you’re A/C unit and does not need to be replaced.

      Of course, it is possible that other components can fail, creating a leak. In most situation, the coil inside an A/C have cracked, causing a slow, steady leak. A reduced level of refrigerant can leak to the issues noted above, but there are additional risks as well.

     The key point is how to find the refrigerant leak in you’re A/C unit. The process requires an in-depth working knowledge of the A/C unit and HVAC system. Now the technicians often use the fluorescent UV dye to detect the locate the leaks in the HVAC system. And the procedure is easy and simple. First, add the fluorescent UV dye in the refrigerant unit and let the system run for a while. Then the fluorescent will escape and collects at all the leak sites. Second, scan the system with a UV light. Since the fluorescent UV dye collects at all leak site, the UV light will show the precise location of every leak with a bright glow. Meanwhile, the fluorescent UV dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect system components or performance.


    When we can detect all the leak site, and how to fix the leaks can be an easy working. Then we need consider another issue. How to prevent refrigerant leak? The best way is to make seasonal maintenance. You can have your cooling system inspected and serviced each spring and fall. This can ensure you’re A/C system a full summer of performance and properly sealed before the offseason.

    As the leading manufacturer of UV equipment and fluorescent material, Sunlonge developed the comprehensive leak detection solution for the customers in the industry. Now Sunlonge is working closely with most of the auto makers in Chinese market in the leak detection field. We expect to offer reliable and cost effective service for more customers in the future.