How to select a suitable UV light meter for your NDT application.

How to select a suitable UV light meter for your NDT application.

时间:2024-3-26 编辑:sunlonge

The biological effect of ultraviolet rays in different wavelength bands are different. With the continuous research on ultraviolet rays, UV light sources have been used more and more widely in various field.

For example, in the medical field, the UVC is mainly used for disinfection and sterilization. UV- can be used to treat skin diseases. UV-A is mainly used in the NDT and detection field. In the NDT field, UV light meter is an important tool to measure the UV light output of the UV lamps used in fluorescent magnetic particle inspection, to ensure the lamps meet the specifications of the relevant standard.

How to select a suitable UV light meter for your NDT application.

As we all know, the UV light source have a common material property. They will experience a decrease in the UV radiation intensity with the increase of the use time. In various industries, the UV radiation intensity of UV light and the UV illumination time is an indicator that needs to be strictly controlled. So it is necessary to use an UV light meter to detect the UV light intensity.

Because of the importance and wide applications of ultraviolet light meter, professionals and companies are careful to choose which ones to use for their work. They often look for specific features to ensure they are getting the most value and accurate results. As the leading supplier in the NDT field, Sunlonge think that some of these important features are as below:

Separate UV light probe

When using light meter, it is important to orientate the meter towards the light source to provide an accurate result. Some UV light meter have an external probe to enable the user to easily orientate the device towards the light source being measured(Sunlonge SLM110 UV-A light meter used in the NDT industries)

LCD display

With a LCD display, the user can read all the data easily. And the display should be clear and legible enough for users to understand no matter the testing setting.

Built-in low battery indicator

There is nothing worse than having equipment issues in the middle of a critical inspection or procedure. A low battery indicator is an important feature that ensures battery power is not an issue.Those are just some of the features Sunlonge thought it should be for the UV-A light meter before you purchasing one. If you need assistance with purchasing a UV light meter or other NDT equipment, please contact us freely.