How to find leaks with AC UV dye (Author: sunlonge)

How to find leaks with AC UV dye (Author: sunlonge)

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How to find leaks with AC UV dye

(Author: sunlonge)

Whether you are working on a home’s AC unit, a commercial refrigeration system, or a vehicle, finding leaks with AC systems can be challenge. Advances in HVAC systems and technology have made this easier over time, but it is still vital to use the right tool for the job when it comes to finding and stopping leaks.

What makes an AC UV dye  effective

As most HVAC professionals know, AC UV dyes work by entering the system and dissolving in the refrigerant. The AC technician then scan the system with the UV flashlight. The leaks can be glowing brightly under the UV flashlight. Once the leaks are visible, the AC technician can assess the issue and determine how best to fix it. An effective AC UV dye should be concentrated, solvent-free, and solvent-free dyes prevent damage to hoses, seals and other parts that are sensitive to solvents.

Sunlonge, as the leading fluorescent UV dye supplier, offers a safe and effective UV dye specifically for use in the AC systems. SL3200 our specially-formulated UV dye, comes in easy-to-use syringes that can fit in any technician’s tool kit.

Either a technician or AC owner can scan for leaks by using a UV flashlight. When the UV dye is exposed to UV light, the dye glows and visually indicates all leaks areas. This is extremely helpful when trying to find multiple leak sites. It also reduces callbacks and ensures the repair has been successful.


How to use Sunlonge UV dye

Using Sunlonge UV dye is easy and effective. Simple inject SL3200 into the system and let the UV dye escape to the system for a while. Then scan the system with a high UV intensity UV flashlight. The leaks will glow brightly which can indicate the precise leakage location. Once the leak is located. You can fix it in advance. By fixing leaks early, expensive repairs can be avoided.

Sunlonge, as the leading fluorescent UV dye supplier, has been in this field for more than 15 years. The concentrated UV dyes are approved and accepted by many heavy vehicles and engine makers in our country. In the future, Sunlonge will keep developing more and more non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe products for our users all around the world.