HVAC/R Leak Detection. of Evolved

HVAC/R Leak Detection. of Evolved

时间:2019-1-8 编辑:sunlonge

Leaks in any size AC&R system; residential, commercial or large industrial facilities, can very quickly become a major concern. Too often the true consequences of not having a reliable leak detection/preventive maintenance program in place can go unappreciated until it is too late. The loss of a “little” refrigerant or lubricant can lead to far more than just inconvenience. Left undetected, even the smallest leaks can grow into major problems. 

Sunlogne  offers a wide range of products developed to pinpoint the exact source of every leak in any air conditioning, refrigeration or industrial facilities system, including OEM-approved fluorescent dyes, high performance leak detection lamps, kits and specialty products, all designed to meet and surpass the demanding requirements of you, the HVAC/R professional.

Sunlonge fluorescent dyes are proven to be fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to pinpoint leaks, confirm repairs and be a key part of your comprehensive preventive maintenance program. You never need to flush them out, so they can stay safely in the system, working to find any future leaks

SL8200-450 Multi-function LED Leak Detection Flashlight

Product Number:Multi-function LED Leak Detection Flashlight SL8200-450
Lamp Source: 28  PCS blue light LED Made in Japan
Lamp Style: Cordless flashlight
Weight :320 g (without  battery)
Power Requirement: 2PCS 26650 Lithium battery pack(7.4v 4800mAH);
Power  consumption: 8 hour

A: 10 times brighter than regular LED lights
B: Power comparable to super-high intensity 100-watt lamps
C: Inspection range of up to 10 feet (3.1 m) or more
D:Compatible with all standard leak detection dyes 
Can leak detection engine :diesel oil, antifreeze oil, engine oil, P80,, etc;
E:Powered by 4800 mah 26650 Lithium battery ;
F:Power consumption: 8 hours