Frequently Asked Questions Concerning NDT UV LED Lights.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning NDT UV LED Lights.

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What is an NDT UV LED?

For NDT, UV-A is electromagnetic radiation in the near-ultraviolet range of wavelength with peak intensity at 365 nm (3650 A), referenced by ASTM E1316.

LEDs are a solid-state electronic component that generates light. For NDT, UV-A LEDs need to have the appropriate spectrum (height at 365 nm) and the best strength to produce fluorescence in penetrants as well as magnetic fragment materials.
Are LEDs challenging to change?

All Sunlonge LED lamps have an extensive 1-year service warranty versus any kind of failure. Changing an LED setting up is not as simple as replacing a light bulb. Since the LEDs are at risk to static discharge, replacement of the assembly would be done by one of our Authorized Solution Centers.

What’s the life expectancy of LEDs?
All Sunlonge LED lights are officially ranked at 10,000 hours of the continuous procedure. This represents our comprehensive 1-year warranty. The SL8904 Series lights are designed to be incredibly sturdy to withstand real-world assessment atmospheres, and also will far out-last the official ranking. The real-life of the light depends significantly on the setting and problems where it’s used.