SL8100 wafer inspection lamp,  Wafer dust particle defect inspection lamp

SL8100 wafer inspection lamp, Wafer dust particle defect inspection lamp

Product introduction

SL8100 wafer inspection lamp, Wafer dust particle defect inspection lamp,The illuminance can reach up to 350 000lx

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SL8100 series are with yellow green light source inspection lamp(white light optional). The principle: The LED source will emit special wavelength light source through the refraction of optical lens. With the light on the surface of sample, the inspector can detect the dust, scratches, glitch, ink etc. It can take the place of traditional lighting device and optical system machine. The inspector can detect the defect and flaws directly of test sample by the light source and human eyes. It can help greatly save the purchase cost. The SL8100 -GYis with 510-590NM light source, which is sensitive to human vision, with the green and yellow compound light source. The illuminance can reach up to 350 000lx, meanwhile the lifespan can reach up to 30 000H.  It can detect the dust particles in the 1um size range, which is 10 time powerful than the traditional inspection lamp.The Light stability are more than 95%


Model: SL8100-GY high illuminance LED inspection lamp. Wafer dust particle defect inspection lamps. Wafer surface inspection lamp.

Light source: 1PCS 35W imported LED with customized optical lens.  Average 30 000H lifespan.

light  Intensity: 210000 lux at 40CM distance; 350 000 lux at 30CM distance. (we master the core technology. We can offer different parallel lights to meet various demand.)

Irradiated area: Φ120~~200MM at 40CM distance(Dimming to adjust the area )

Dimming: infinite dimming, from 0% ~100%. Consumption: 35W.

Power supply: AC100-240V(input:AC100-240V/Output:DC 12V 2.5A) 24H continuous operation.

Stability of Led Lamp: > 95%

Product Size: 76 *220mm.  Net weight: 1.3Kg without accessory.


SL8500-W white light wafer inspection lamp

SL8500-GY green yellow wafer inspection lamp


LED NO and specification

1 pcs imported 35W 6000K LED with customized optical and filter system.

We can customize

The lamp according to your demand


6000K white light or 510-590NM green yellow light


6000K white light

510-590NM green yellow light


Ø 210000LX→at 40cm distance;

 Ø 350000LX→at 30cm distance;


Ø 210000LX→at 40cm distance;

 Ø 350000LX→at 30cm distance;


Irradiated area

Ø 12- 20cm at 40cm distance


Infinite dimming, 0%~~100% by the modulator. Dimming the light to zoom in or out.




AC100-240V(input:AC100-240V/Output:DC 12V 2.5A)

Size and weight

73 *220mm. Net weight: 1.3Kg without accessory


protective glassed


1. 1 pcs 35W high power LED, cold light source, 350 000 lx high illuminance, compatible with 200W mercury-vapor light.

2. Lifespan up to 30 000H, 10 time longer than the mercury-vapor light.

3.The illuminance stability can be up to 95% with customized optical and filter system. Perform better than the lamps of Japanese and Germany lamps.

4. White light or green yellow light, sensitive but do not to harm the human vision. Detect the scratches and dust particles at the 1um size range.

5.Mechanical cooling. Provide stable and high illuminance special wavelength light source.

You can choose different wavelength light source (365NM,455NM,525NM,595NM,625NM,6000K optional)

White light: effective for scratches, uniform coating of different levels, or contamination.

Green light: effective for slight scratches, dust particles on LCD screen. 70% of defect can be detected.

Yellow light: effective for micro engraving mold, semiconductor, wafer and coating.


LCD screen, micro engraving mold, semiconductor, wafer, sapphire



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