How fluorescent UV dye deals with refrigerants leakage in the system?-SUNLONGE

How fluorescent UV dye deals with refrigerants leakage in the system?-SUNLONGE

时间:2023-4-24 编辑:sunlonge

Leakage of refrigerant in a HVAC system is inevitable as there are many joints fitting or welding points. Some of the leaks are as low as 3ML like every year and are not critical to the operation of the system.

Others may leak more due to the harsh temperature, environment and vibration that cause these joints to leak. If not rectified, these defects will cause a drop in efficiency to the heating or the cooling system.

It is no secret how serious the leaking of refrigerant can be, but there can be other issues if a leak is not found as soon as possible.

Sometimes system develop tiny holes causing very slow refrigerant leaks that may take a while to impact equipment performance. You may wonder why refrigerant leak detection is so urgent for small leaks. The reason can be multiple:

When an air conditioning or commercial refrigeration system does not seem to be reaching the set temperature, or is running constantly in an effort to do so, a refrigerant leak may be to blame. When you can find the leak, repair it, and recharge the refrigerant to the proper level, you can prevent the system from breaking down completely.


You proactive action can save the system from further damage and the customer from a more expensive repair bill. Food service businesses can lose customers and revenue when refrigeration equipment is down. The same can happen to retail stores and other types of businesses due to air conditioning breakdowns.

So our main goal is to ensure that the leaks are identified quickly so the right fix can be put in place.

The most traditional way of detecting refrigerants leaks is the soup bubble method. It was the go-to refrigeration leak detection method for decades.You simply spray the line or coil with soapy water and look for bubbles where the refrigerant gas is leaking out. Pretty smart and it actually does work. Unfortunately, it is not always reliable either, especially for small leak. Plus, it makes a mess with the soapy liquid that you have to clean up.

And now more and more customers turn to the fluorescent UV dye for a more reliable and cost effective leak detection solution. As the leading supplier in the field, Sunlonge fluorescent leak detection solution just utilizes a simple method that has only two basic parts. A high intensity UV light is teamed up with the appropriate fluorescent UV dye. The fluorescent UV dye is added to the system and circulated. Then you can inspect the system with the UV light. Since the fluorescent UV dye collects at all leak sites, the UV light will show the precise location of every leak with a bright glow. The fluorescent UV dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect system components or performance.

Sunlonge can offer the comprehensive solution that aid engineers looking for an approach that is quick and easy when looking for problematic leaks.