Is IP Rating critical for NDT Service–SUNLONGE

Is IP Rating critical for NDT Service–SUNLONGE

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Is IP Rating critical for NDT Service

Now some UV LED lamps are usually marked with the IP rating. We know the “IP” stands for ingress protection and refers to the circumstance conditions the equipment is designed to handle. Is it really critical for us in the NDT service?

The IP rating is with 2 digital. The first one is the degree of protection against solids and dust. The second one against water and other liquids.


Now the IP rating is used by engineers and technicians as a standard way to develop a product to a specific sealing requirement. This rating system can be found through a multiple industries. We will focus on the kind of conditions expected during magnetic particle testing and penetrant testing.

Using IP rating with magnetic particle testing

Magnetic particle inspection can be performed with either dry or wet material. The dry powders have a range of sizes and sensitivities. But as far as the IP code is concerned, they would all be classified as dust smaller than 1MM. For the UV lamp, a rating of 5 would mean the lamp is good for dust tight and a rating of 6 would be higher dust-tight, so long as the housing seals are intact.

Using IP rating with liquid penetrant testing

Penetrant inspection has a mixture of conditions depending on the method and form of material. UV lamps used to check penetrant coverage and rinse should have a liquid rating of at least 5. High-pressure jets may be present while cleaning parts, and immersion is a common method for penetrant application and removal. UV lamps are generally not used in those conditions, so they would not themselves see pressurized jets or immersion. While UV lamps are not commonly used in the developer station. Form dry powder developers are very common, so a solids protection rating of 5 or 6 would be appropriate, of course, the inspection booth is where UV lamps are most used, but no inspection material are applied there.

Environment conditions also play a factor in equipment protection. However, even during field inspection, far more powders and liquids are used for the MT or PT process itself compared to the environmental dirt, dust, or rain the UV lamp will encounter.

For portable equipment like UV lamps, Sunlonge verifies the design with thorough testing at a nationally registered testing lab to confirm IP dust and liquid protection ratings. For example. The SL8108, SL8604 series, were tested and verified to IP 65; SL8904, SL8300 series were tested and verified to IP 54, as the standard IP rating as other suppliers.