How beneficial is the fluorescent UV dye for AC leaks?

How beneficial is the fluorescent UV dye for AC leaks?

时间:2022-8-29 编辑:sunlonge

Seasoned engineers will know that when identifying leaks, there can be many different approaches.

This role is made easier by the many products available to engineers, but this does not mean that there are not considerations to make.

The use of fluorescent UV dye is popular in the HVAC industry, but there are still those who are holding off investing in such a product as they are not fully aware of the benefits.

Although the use of fluorescent dye is not a replacement for other detection methods, it does offer several benefits that make fluorescent dyes a worthwhile investment.

Identify hidden leaks quickly

Regardless of whether an engineer is contending with an A/C unit, or working on refrigeration, the main goal will be to limit the loss of refrigeration.

Not only are hard to detect leakages time consuming, but they can also be detrimental to the environment.

Even if there is a fault visible when first working on the application, the use of fluorescent UV dye can help locate other leaks that may be obscured which are contributing to the problem.

Without shutting down the application

As well as being able to locate small leaks, a fluorescent UV dye can also be used when the application is running.

This ensures that repairs can be located quickly and rectified accordingly.

The use of fluorescent dye can also help identify leaks in the future should there be any further problems with the application again.

Increase the productivity

How long it takes to repair an application depends on several factors, but the last thing engineer want to spend time on is locating leaks that may not be visible due to how small they are.

If the leaks or defect is not visible when checking the application, then fluorescent UV dye can be injected into the system and within a few minutes, engineer can locate the leaks via the use of a UV flashlight. Then the time is saved and productivity is up.

Fluorescent UV dye will not always be necessary, but it is an essential tool for those that are having problems locating leaks otherwise. Sunlonge offer full set of fluorescent UV dye products that aid engineers looking for an approach that is quick and easy when looking for problematic leaks.