Why Sunlonge SL1200 can be a powerful tool for fluorescent leak detection?

Why Sunlonge SL1200 can be a powerful tool for fluorescent leak detection?

时间:2024-1-26 编辑:sunlonge

Now UV lights are used in a wide range of NDT application, especially in the leak detection industry. UV light is a good perfect tool for visually detecting small leaks in the related industry, which can find even the slight pinhole in the parts system, eg, AC, automotive engine system. A good UV lamp mode can be a powerful tool in leak detection service. So, you need to try Sunlonge new SL1200 UV light model. Here are the reasons:

1.UV intensity

UV intensity is the key factor when selecting a UV flashlight for fluorescent leak detection. Cos with higher UV intensity, all fluorescent UV dye materials are tuned to better fluoresce. Sunlonge SL1200 is with new generation optical lens system. The UV intensity can be 48 000 uw/cm2 at 15 inch distance, which is top one compared with the related model from other suppliers. It makes SL1200 a powerful tool for in the leak detection service, as well as other NDT fields.


2.Beam area

The beam area of an UV light is measured of how much surface is above the minimum of 1000 uw/cm2, which is irradiated require of inspection. In the real leak detection, we usually array of more LEDs to achieve a wide beam area. However, the common UV flashlight have 1 LED only. We have our solution. The Sunlonge SL1200 is with a special designed optical lens and powerful UV LED light source. Then we can adjust the irradiated area according to customer demand. The real beam area can be 100MM, which is much wider than that of competitors’. We all know lamp with a large beam area will provide UV-A irradiation to the area peripheral to the inspection. This allows the inspector to quickly locate and identify fluorescent indication for closer inspection. Then time and labor cost both can be reduced.


  1. Power Supply

For the UV flashlight, power supply is also critical to consider before selection. SL1200 is powered by AAA battery pack. If the battery is running out, it is quite easy for continuous working with a new battery replacement. SL1200 is quite suitable for continuous inspection work.

Selecting a good UV light is always not easy. However, with these 3 powerful strengths, Sunlonge SL1200 is definitely a good partner for you in the fluorescent leak detection field service.