UV light in forensic criminal scene

UV light in forensic criminal scene

时间:2023-11-30 编辑:sunlonge

Law enforcement officials worldwide rely on UV light for a wide variety of forensic criminal investigation. Being a lightweight, compact tool makes them good for any forensic criminal investigation.

UV light in forensic criminal scene

During the forensic criminal scene, how do you select a UV light for a good inspection result. We think the UV light should be featured as following:

1) High UV intensity

During the forensic criminal investigation, the fluorescent will be much more visible under higher UV intensity. As we all know, the fluorescent excitation effect will be more powerful. In some fingerprint examination and bodily fluid analysis, when exposed to higher UV, the fingerprint information and fluid sample will glow brightly and become easy to view. Then it will help the inspector locate some important information the following process.

2) Large beam area.

Large beam area is surely the key point in the forensic criminal investigation. It can largely help save the labor and cost during the procedure.

3) Long stand-by time

The UV lamp with long stand-by time is really a strength in the forensic criminal investigation.

Because long stand-by time means longer working time.

UV light in forensic criminal scene

Considering all these issues above, we will recommend to you Sunlonge new type C SL3300 model, which can be a powerful tool for forensic inspection. SL3300 type C model is with just 1 pcs 5 W 365NM UV LED light source. With our customized optical lens, final UV intensity can be up to 60 000 uw/cm2 at 15 inch distance, which is much stronger than that of other competitors. With the adjustable beam design, the SL3300 UV flashlight can be good for some specially narrow space inspection request. Nearly 3H standby time can support long time usage. We definitely believe SL3300 can be reliable and effective too for forensic scene inspection.