Fluorescent UV dye and the industrial application

Fluorescent UV dye and the industrial application

时间:2024-4-29 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent UV dye is playing a more and more important in the industrial application, eg HVAC&R, automotive industry, coolant system.

Fluorescent UV dye is mainly used in leak detection service which can help find the pin-hole leaks. By fixing the leak early, we can avoid the possible cost high repairs. Cos as the machines keep running, all kinds of problems are much more like to happen.

Fluorescent UV dye and the industrial application

The fluorescent UV dye mainly include the water tracing dye and oil-based dye. The leak detection principle is simple. First add dye to system and let it circulate. The dye will escape with refrigerant or host fluid and collects at all possible leak sites. Second, scan the system with a leak detection flashlight. The leaks are easily detected with this system by the intense white-yellow fluorescence of the dye. That is how UV dye worked in leak detection.

The fluorescent leak detection utilizes a simple way that ask only 2 products, UV dye and a UV light. Meanwhile the dye can remain in the system and will not affect the components or system. The convenience and easy-operation make is used and approved by manufacturers world nowadays.

In the auto industry, as the car age, problems are prone to occur, eg engine oil leak, small leaks of the AC system. These leaks can result in further damage to the system and furthermore, higher repair cost. According to our study, about 1-in 5 auto drivers struggle to cover the cost of emergency repairs.

Fluorescent UV dye and the industrial application

If leaks can be located early, the system will not suffer further damage. But if left unchecked,

The systems can be taxed and eventually burnout. The total replacement will be expensive to repair. So, identifying a leak early, we can stop the leak at the source.

Fluorescent UV dye is the best leak detection tool for finding small, pin-hole sized leak in circulating fluid systems.

System-specific dyes may be used with oil-based fluids as well. For example, Sunlonge SL3200 fluorescent dye addresses systems containing oil, fuel, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and more. Meanwhile, Sunlonge SL3100 fluorescent dye for all conventional coolants, is compatible with all leak detection flashlights.