How to select a powerful UV flashlight for the auto leak detection-SUNLOGNE

How to select a powerful UV flashlight for the auto leak detection-SUNLOGNE

时间:2022-10-31 编辑:sunlonge

When we select the UV flashlight for the auto leak detection, 2 important factors need to be considered, namely, UV intensity and the peak wavelength. And for different UV flashlight models, UV intensity and attenuation can be the key issues to define a better auto leak detection tool.

Sunlonge SL6300 is being the widely approved and accepted model in China auto market for leak detection. Cos SL6300 is with 60 000 uw/cm2 (15 inch distance) UV intensity which can tune a much brighter glow in the leak service and help locate the leak more accurately. As for the attenuation, SL6300 can be running for 16H a day. After 2 years usage, the attenuation rate can be limited to 15% only. Now more and more people realize that SL6300 is sharp tool for leak detection service in the auto filed.

How can SL6300 be so powerful in the UV intensity? That is because SL6300 is equipped with third generation optical lens which developed by Sunlonge company. As we all know, a UV LED without optics, will emit in all directions. But leak detection will usually ask UV flashlight with higher UV intensity. How to solve this problem? LED optics are the solution. The optical lens can help focus the UV light into a usable more concentrated beam. For a UV flashlight for leak detection, it needs to be an optic over the UV LED source to provide a much higher intensity.


As a leading supplier in this field, Sunlonge devoted to technology and quality development these years. Now Sunlonge has developed the newest third generation optical lens for the UV flashlight. Moreover, it has got 20 more different optical solution for the UV NDT lamps. Then Sunlonge UV flashlight can be with much higher UV intensity than the other competitors. All these make Sunlonge UV flashlights become a much better tool for the leak detection product.

With the SL6300 model, Sunlonge developed customize-design optical lens. That means the lens will not solarize and the UV-A intensity will not degrade over time. It can help SL6300 be a better tool in leak service for a dependable performance and a long lifespan. All of these make SL6300 a more powerful tool for the auto leak detection industry.