Super  UV LED Flashlight

Super UV LED Flashlight

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Super AT063-365S UV LED Flashlight

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Super AT063 UV LED Flashlight

Model: Super AT063-365S  UV LED Flashlight

Peak-Wavelength:365-370NM; UV-LED 365nm of NCSU033B(T)

UV Intensity: 25000uW/cm2 at 15inch(380mm)

Number of UV LEDs: 1 x 5W 365NM   of NCSU033B(T) UV LED with Light cup

, average LED life is 30,000 hours

Power supply: 3.7 V 2200 Mah  18650  lithium battery;

Operating Time: 2  hours (continuous)

Irradiated  Area in 38cm Distance:  Ø 100mm

Stability of UV Intensity: > 90%

Product Size: 145*45mm  ;  WEIGHT :160 g without  accessories

Penetration testing; fluorescence detection;
Biopolymers; fluorescence observation;
Refrigerant leak detection;
Engine oil leak detection;
Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed;
Fluorescence observation of ore;
Detection of oil cleaning;

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