Why Choosing UV NDT Lamp?

Why Choosing UV NDT Lamp?



Under the booming of industrial and technological development, the demand for various equipment is skyrocketing. One of the typical instances is the UV LED technology, which is currently revolutionizing the lighting and radiation-emitting sources. However, among a giant number of lighting applications, why UV NDT lamp is ranked the first? Particularly, the enormous advantages carried by the UV NDT lamp allow it to be adopted in multiple scenarios, making it the most outstanding device for fluorescence stimulation in NDT. 

Benefits of UV NDT Lamp

1. Portability 

On the grounds that the areas of inspection vary from a laboratory to the natural environment, technicians are required to carry the UV NDT Lamp for travelling. Portability hence becomes one of the determining factors in choosing the devices. The Vulture UV LED Lamp SL8904 Series is powered with the polymer battery pack DC, which enables continuous operation for outdoor applications. A tripod is usually equipped for different situations. Additionally, its light weight and portable size enhance the convenience of transportation. 

2. Steady Intensity

Despite its great portability, the UV NDT lamp generates steady intensity, which reaches approximately 90% during operation. Specifically, concerning that the fluorescent penetrants and magnetic particle materials can be fluoresced under the UV light of 365nm, it is vital for the UV NDT lamp to maintain a peak wavelength ranging from 360 to 370 nm. Given that the SL8904 series carry a wavelength of 365 to 370 nm and UV intensity of 4000 to 21000 uw / cm2, which both satisfy the specifications for FPI and MPI. They constantly optimize the effect of detection regardless of the time of operation, generating a reliable and accurate fluorescence result. 

3. Wide Irradiated Area

Why Choosing UV NDT Lamp?

Considering that a vast inspection area can be time-consuming, for instance, the crime scene, a UV NDT lamp with wide irradiated area can effectively strengthen the convenience and efficiency of operation. The SL8904 Series has an irradiated are of 260 * 180 nm in 38 cm distance, which apparently reduce the time required. Notwithstanding its great inspection area, a maximum versatility can be attained by choosing the suitable beam area. In view of a too wide or too focused light beam, the inspection result can be inconsistent, resulting in a non-reliable decision and overseen indications. To illustrate, a lamp without hot spots can possibly lead to tunnel vision, where only the focused area can be inspected. Consequently, technicians are expected to pay attention on the coverage of lighting and its parameter to create a comprehensive of inspection over the working area. 

4. Low Emission Spectrum 

Why Choosing UV NDT Lamp?

On account that fluorescent testing, where the UV NDT lamp is applied, usually takes place in the dark, other lighting aside from the UV inspection light can produce detrimental impacts on the accuracy of the results, more significantly, in the applications of the aerospace industry. Correspondingly, a great UV NDT lamp has to maintain a low emission spectrum. The SL8904-Aerospace RRES90061 creates safe and pure UV-A content with no UV-B and UV-C, implying that almost no visible light will be formed. In particular, the visible light emission is lower than 0.5 FC. On top of that, the white light filters meet diverse requirements, including the ASTM E3022 and RRES90061, securing the quality of inspection.

5. Extended Lifetime

The LED light bulb equipped in the UV NDT lamp is expected to have a long lifespan, for instance, 30,000 hours for the SL8904 series, and thus, the costs for frequent maintenance or replacement can be minimized. 


Regarding the above advantages, the UV NDT lamp has brought a remarkable range of revolution in current development. It can be utilized in the technological field (penetration testing, fluorescence detection and observation), industrial field (refrigerant leak and engine oil detection) and criminal investigation (fingerprints and blood observation). Obviously, the UV LED technology has been a game changer in fluorescent stimulation. However, despite all these benefits, technicians still have to follow the guidelines launched by the laboratory or the manufacturers of devices to guarantee the safety and effectiveness of inspection. Thanks to the continuous advancement of the UV products and contribution from the technicians, it is believed that they will create a rising number of achievements in the future.

Why Choosing UV NDT Lamp?