How to use fluorescent UV dye in the auto repairs.

How to use fluorescent UV dye in the auto repairs.

时间:2022-8-29 编辑:sunlonge

With the long time running of the vehicles, the auto systems are going to develop the leaks sooner or later. If the leaks are ignored, big problems may occur. Then small leaks can result in huge repair cost or even the vehicle failure. For example, a small A/C leak, if not detected, will result in the loss of refrigerant and cause the damage to the other components.

Some of these leaks are difficult to detect with the conventional methods, even with the professional technician. In the past, the technicians use the bubble to detect the leaks in the system. However, it proved not effective. Many slight leaks can be missed. Bubble is not reliable way to detect the leaks.

Then how can we detect and stop the leaks is the key to prevent the damage. Now the automotive industry is using the fluorescent UV dye to quickly detect and locate the even the smallest and most elusive leaks. They do not need an operating A/C system, as long as fluorescent UV dye was added prior to the refrigerant charge being lost. Since the dye collects at all leak sites. Then scan the system with a leak detection lamp. The lamps will show the precise location of every leaks with a bright glow. The dye can remain in the system indefinitely and does not affect system components or performance. With fluorescent UV dye and leak detection lamp method, it can help save labor, money and downtime, as it also conserves expensive refrigerant and fluids.

Then how to choose a right fluorescent UV dye for our auto repair? Dosage ratio is key factor to be considered. The high concentration fluorescent UV dye means more reliable and effective result service. Now Sunlonge can offer the 1:3000 super high concentration fluorescent UV dye for customers with high demand. Second, the fluorescent UV dye need to be co-solvent free. The fluorescent UV dyes should not impair the properties of the system and affect the performance of the parts. While co-solvent based dye can result in diminished viscosity and lubricity of the system.

Last, the fluorescent UV dye need to be environment-friendly and meet the international standard.

Currently, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye and accepted and approved by the major auto manufacturers. To date, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dyes have been installed in over 3M vehicles in China market. Manufacturers such as Das-auto, Audi, Ford, GE, Honda, Toyota and Cummins have all approved Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye.