ICI Reveals Ethernet-based FMX 320 and FMX 640 Infrared Cameras.

ICI Reveals Ethernet-based FMX 320 and FMX 640 Infrared Cameras.

时间:2020-4-5 编辑:sunlonge

Infrared Cameras Incorporated, a long-time player in the thermal and infrared electronic camera market, has just released its series of set mounted Ethernet-based video cameras which can be used for process control, research and development, maker vision, medical research study, security, and many other applications. The FMX 640 and FMX 320 cams are sensitive, exceptionally accurate, and are Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) certified. They are readily available for purchase today and are made to order in the USA.

The FMX 640 and FMX 320 operate via PoE and have Ethernet output. They are manufactured with a basic spectral band of 7 μm– 14 μm; a broadband variation with a spectral series of 3 μm– 14 μm is likewise offered for purchase. ICI also uses 316 stainless steel surge proof enclosures for high-stress environments in addition to primary security enclosures for these gadgets.

The FMX series video cameras integrate ICI’s award-winning IR Flash Pro and MultiCam software with the most delicate uncooled forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sensors in the market, offering unequaled image quality with modern radiometric precision. Users can receive real-time radiometric data streamed directly to any desktop, laptop, or embedded system. They can incorporate with touchscreen gadgets and touch-enabled displays. Windows and Linux software, chauffeurs and SDKs are available for customized applications.

A number of optics and a broad range of calibrations can be requested, consisting of:

Lens Options:
Calibration Options:
Key Features:

Multi-device Linking
Radiometric Data Streaming
Incorporates into Embedded Systems
Unequaled Image Sensitivity
Enclosures Available