How does Sunlonge deal with the leaking?(Author: sunlonge)

How does Sunlonge deal with the leaking?(Author: sunlonge)

时间:2022-1-25 编辑:sunlonge

Every year, there are many gallons of hydraulic fluid are lost from the equipment. That will lead to the contaminated work areas and cost overruns. Hydraulic equipment can not operate correctly if fluid is in low condition. If hydraulic leaks persist, equipment will be at risk of mechanical failure. This inevitability leaks to costly downtime repairs and production losses.

What happens when leaks occur?

We all know, industrial equipment, such as cranes, mining tools, will require the hydraulic fluid to perform. Fluid leaks in these systems can leak to equipment failure. To avoid breakdown, the system needs to be regularly inspected. Hydraulic systems are comprised of many interdependent components. These parts include pumps, valves, hydraulic fluid, motors. The delicate balancing act between these parts is what allows hydraulic equipment to perform heavy-duty tasks such as excavating, demolition, and manufacturing. If the proper operation of these parts is inhibited, then the equipment is at risk of damage and possibly complete mechanical failure.

What is the cost of hydraulic fluid leaks?

The cost of lost operation fluid can rise into countless money. Hydraulic systems quickly breakdown, overhear, and fail when there is not enough vital, operational fluid. When your equipment is stuck in the repair shop, it is costing your company much. The cost of downtime includes indirect costs like wages and lost man hours.

Going back over 30 years, industry researchers found that 10% of the equipment drives 90% of overall costs. This is primarily due to the equipment downtime. Preventative maintenance plans help to reduce costs by inspecting, repairing, and maintaining equipment on a regular schedule.

How does Sunlonge deal with the leaking?

Sunlonge provides a quick and easy solution for finding every single leak. Simple add a small, concentrated amount of fluorescent UV dye SL3200 to the equipment’s hydraulic fluid reservoir. The dye then mixes with the host hydraulic fluid and circulates throughout the entire system. The dye will escape with the hydraulic fluid wherever a leak exists.

The fluorescent UV dye SL3200 will fluoresce brilliantly when exposed to a high intensity UV flashlight. All leak areas glow brightly, allowing a technician to thoroughly diagnose leaking hydraulic systems.

And the SL3200 fluorescent UV dye can remain indefinitely within the system. The dye continues circulating to provide a 24/7 leak detection. Any future leaks that develop can be found, even at the smallest stages of leak development. This make SL3200 fluorescent UV dye the perfect tool for preventative maintenance and diagnostic help. Then the managers can save time repairing leaks and ultimately extend the service life of their equipment.