3 critical application for fluorescent UV dye

3 critical application for fluorescent UV dye

时间:2022-8-29 编辑:sunlonge

Fluorescent UV dye have various applications that make them hugely beneficial to several industries, including the auto and oil industry. Fluorescent UV dye are designed to gauge how fluid flows through an oil reservoir or body of water, and this versatility makes dye products worthwhile across industries and applications. Here are 3 critical application for the fluorescent UV dyes as following:

1. Decrease the water injection and water production

Depending on the specific information needed within the oil industry, several oil tracer tests can be applied using fluorescent UV dye.

Water-soluble tracer dyes, like Sunlonge water-based fluorescent UV dye, are designed to be quickly injected into an oil well and monitored by collecting samples and checking for any residual dye. Since there are not any other relevant tracer dyes to monitor fluid flowing through oil reservoirs, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dyes are the best selection for building efficiencies and maintaining quality.


2. Enhancing inhibitor squeeze programs.

A common problem within the oil industry is mineral scale deposition. The build-up of mineral scale inside reservoirs and well bores can lead to millions of dollars of damage and loss. How can this be remedied? Through oil-based UV dye, oil companies and industry professionals can keep a close eye on residual inhibitors in the production chain. it is an inexpensive way to maintain efficiencies and avoid corrosion of the production chain.

3. Fluorescent UV dye leak detection.

There are several critical reasons fluorescent UV dyes are used within the industry usage, and one of the most important is leak detection. Oil leaks can be harmful, costly, and detrimental to a business, so having a way to trace leaks quickly and efficiently is critical.

Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye is working with most heavy auto manufacturers and engine suppliers in domestic market. Our high concentrated fluorescent UV dye can pinpoint links in all oil and oil-based systems, including, engine oil, fuel oil and more. Sunlonge fluorescent UV dyes help detect leaks quickly to make it easy to make repairs and avoid costly mistakes.

Since we know mistakes and inefficiencies are costly, especially in the industry usage, that is why we are creating viable solution for varying industries. With Sunlonge, you can find the high-quality solution you need to improve your business.