Why NDT?

Why NDT?

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Nondestructive testing (NDT) is a procedure used to examine and/or inspect materials and components to locate surface and subsurface defects in a way that allows such materials to be examined without changing or destroying their original design or structure.

NDT plays a crucial role in everyday life. It is necessary to assure structural integrity, safety and reliability in aircraft, motor vehicles, pipelines, seafaring vessels, bridges, trains, tunnels, power stations, refineries and oil platforms, all of which are inspected using some method of nondestructive testing.

Why NDT?


Super Universe UV LAMP Super SL8108 Series:SL8108-5K/8K/13K(because We master the core technology,We can provide different UV Intensity UV light,They can meet different customer and industry)


SL8108-Aerospace RRES90061

SL8108-Standard Version

SL8108-Hight Version

Number of UV LEDs


The  Smae

The Same

UV Intensity at 15inch(380mm)




Visible light emission

< 1 FC(10 lux) with white light filters Meets ASTM E3022 and    RRES 90061

< 2 FC(20 lux)  with black   light filters

No requirement

Irradiated Area in 38cm Distance— (lowest intensity 1000 µW/cm2








Power supply

100-240V  AC

The Same

The Same

Switch Mode

Manual and remote control

The Same

The Same

Suitable for industry

All Aeronautics NDT

Except Aeronautics NDT

Except Aeronautics NDT

 Attention to:SL8108-Aerospace RRES90061   Meets Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 Requirements

ASTM E1417, ASTM E1444, ASTM E 709, ASTM E2297, ASTM E3022 compliant

Meets ASTM UV-A intensity and wavelength specifications for FPI and MPI.

Why NDT?

Sunlonge UV NDT Lamps are compliant and have the best beam profiles;Sunlonge UV NDT Lamps are trusted by industry professionals.

Nondestructive testing is also a quality assurance production and management tool which can provide impressive results when used correctly. It requires an understanding of the various methods available, their capabilities and limitations, knowledge of the relevant standards and specifications for performing the tests.

Materials, products and equipment that fail to achieve their design requirements or projected life due to undetected defects may require expensive repair or early replacement. Such defects may also be the cause of unsafe conditions or catastrophic failure, as well as loss of revenue due to unplanned shutdowns.

 Why NDT?

HK sunlonge  manufactures a wide array of medium and high-intensity inspection lamps and products that are used to detect and identify surface and subsurface flaws in the performance of nondestructive testing utilizing the visual inspection, liquid penetration and magnetic particle methods