Portable Enhanced Ultra-High Intensity UV Lamps

Portable Enhanced Ultra-High Intensity UV Lamps

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 UVL106 Portable Enhanced Ultra-High Intensity UV Lamps

SIZE: 180*160*265MM
LAMP : 35 W Metal high-pressure discharge lamp
UV LAMP INTENSITY: 25000 uw/ cm2  ((Maximum 35000uw/cm2) at 38.1cm  –Using the special consultation process
Bulb service time: over 2200 hours
WEIGHT :960g without  accessories
HOUSING Material : anodized aluminum and ABS
Adapter: Input:100/240 1.2V ;Otput 12V-5A and 12V Car line
1.At 38cm Highest intensity of UV radiation intensity Maximum 25000uw/cm2 (365nm wavelength of pure UVA).
2. Quick start to open after 15 seconds to reach the highest intensity of UV light that can be started. Reduce the time required for the lamp warm-up.
3.Instant on/off/restrike,Lightweight, Easy to carry
 4.Lamps are also available with extended length primary cords ,can using
Alternating current (ac)—Long time
1 set. 100/240 V AC ADAPTOR /12V 5A; and 12V car line
1 set 35W UV LAMPS without  battery
1 pcs UV filter
1 pcs toolkit

Penetration testing, fluorescence detection
Biopolymers, fluorescence observation
Refrigerant leak detection
Engine oil leak detection
Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed
Fluorescence observation of ore
Detection of oil cleaning

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