How Does Leak Detection Lamp Work?

How Does Leak Detection Lamp Work?

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The advancement in technology has enhanced the convenience of our daily lives. Correspondingly, numerous industries have taken advantage of remarkable inventions for continuous expansion.  A typical example is leak detection. Leaks refer to unintended cracks and holes appearing in the system. On the grounds that the spot is generally invisible to human eyes on account of its diminutive size, leak detection lamps, in particular, fluorescent leak lamps and UV leak detection flashlights, are specifically invented for cutting the time and cost of diagnosis. The method is therefore broadly applied in diverse industries, for instance, HVAC industries and automotive services.

Usage of Leak Detection Lamp

To carry out leak detection, a slight amount of fluorescent dye is injected into the system and it should circulate with host fluid. The amount of circulation time varies from 5 to 45 minutes, depending on the sizes of the system. Upon completion, the mixture will escape and accumulate at the source of the leak. A UV leak detection flashlight or fluorescent leak lamp can then be used to scan the system and highlight the spot in a dark environment. Several decisions can be generated by this process, particularly, whether leakage exists, its size and site. Rapid detection of the leak allows immediate treatment, prevents the failure of the system and limits the potential loss. This emphasizes the significance of leak detection in serving as a preventive maintenance protocol.

How Does Leak Detection Lamp Work?


Choices of Light Source

In view of varying conditions, namely, the environment and the budget, technicians can choose among three light alternatives when spotting the location of the leak. A violet light is typically operated with green dyes. Less visible light will be emitted, thus the yellow inspection glasses will be inessential in the majority of situations. A blue light will give rise to the most satisfactory performance with green and yellow dyes, however, users must wear yellow inspection glasses for eye protection. It serves as the most befitting choice under a limited budget. An ultraviolet (UV) light will be effective under all colored dyes, even with dirty diesel oil. Despite less visible light emitted, clear UV absorbing glasses are still recommended during the process.


Benefits of Leak Detection Lamp: High Effectiveness and Efficiency

During fluorescent leak detection, only fluorescent dye and light are required. Costly refrigerant and fluids can be conserved, lowering its expenditure. Additionally, it is applicable in distinct settings. Given that systems may locate in adverse places, leak detection dyes are waterproof in order that it works under damp or wet environment. In the meantime, the fluorescent leak lamps and UV leak detection flashlights strengthen the speed of searching for the precise source of the leak. No preparation work has to be implemented beforehand. Technicians can shift their time and capital for alternative uses, allowing more room for industrial extension. Apparently, it acts as a low-cost and highly efficient method for regular checking of the system.


How Does Leak Detection Lamp Work?

Benefits of Leak Detection Lamp: Eco-friendliness

In addition to prompt identification of the leak, another reason for its enormous acceptance and wide appliance is eco-friendliness. Owing to a raising awareness of environmental conservation, technicians are expected to minimize the adverse impacts on the nature while fostering the development of the industry. Unlike other conventional dyes which contain co-solvents and chemically aggressive liquid, fluorescent dyes consist of entirely organic-free fiber. They can be fully degraded within half a year and result in less harm to the environment. Furthermore, the UV leak detection flashlight consumes energy of the same amount as an ordinary light bulb, notably, 10W. The enhancement in leak detection gradually lowers the consumption of natural resources, and emission of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.


How Does Leak Detection Lamp Work?


Regardless of the low significance of the leak, there is still a possibility of drastic consequence, which may even harm the safety of the public. Evidently, leak detection establishes the foundation of preventing multiple intermittent leaks, eliminating potential danger from system failure and getting rid of safety hazards. Considering the invention of leak detection lamps (fluorescent leak lamps and UV leak detection flashlights) brings superior accuracy (around 90%) and efficiency, it is widely utilized in varied circumstances, which has certainly created momentous contribution in technological and industrial development.