SL8108 New Stationary LED inspection UV Lamp for NDT pros(Author: SUNLONGE)

SL8108 New Stationary LED inspection UV Lamp for NDT pros(Author: SUNLONGE)

时间:2020-9-19 编辑:sunlonge

After consulting with numerous NDT experts and inspectors, Sunlonge is expanding their line of LED UV lamps for non-destructive testing with the SL8108 UV LED lamp model, which is specifically designed to eliminate or prevent some of the most common challenges around UV illumination in fluorescent NDT testing.

“Customers using fluorescent or mercury-vapor solutions today find that they do not have the coverage or intensity that they need to properly and efficiently inspect their parts. They also have to deal with frequent bulb failures, hazardous waste disposal costs, and the swift disappearance of mercury vapor bulb replacements in the market.

Designed and tested by NDT professionals, the SL8108 speeds up fluorescent NDT processes while also improving inspection quality with an ultra-wide, 26 x 25 CM UV-A beam when mounted 38.1CM from the inspection surface.

The SL8108’s best-in-industry UV-A inspection area allows inspectors to quickly examine parts while minimizing part handling, especially with larger test parts, and the high intensity UV illumination helps indications stand out bright and clear for faster detection.

“The Sunlonge SL8108 blacklight provides brighter UV light, runs cooler, uses less energy, and eliminates the disposing of hazardous mercury bulbs. It is very reliable and well suited to use in a fixed location.

Speeds Up the Inspection Process

“The SL8108 offers extra-wide beam shows more area at once, and smooth, even coverage means you don’t have to keep repositioning the part,” continued Geis. “All of which lets you get the job done faster.” During field evaluations, our beta-testers found the SL8108 beam is wide enough to cover large cast parts without additional part handling.

Maximize Range of Inspections

The SL8108’s LED array is designed to cast uniformly bright illumination, and the stable intensity of the LEDs meets the ASTM E3022 and Rolls-Royce RRES 90061 standards. The custom UV-A filters reduce glare and increase fluorescent contrast to make indications easier to see.

“Glare from the lamp reduces contrast on the surface you’re inspecting, and that slows down the inspection process,” added Geis. “The SL8108 includes filters to eliminate violet glare and each unit is certified to all the latest aerospace specs.”

Work in Comfort

With LED technology, the SL8108 runs much cooler than traditional mercury-vapor lamps to help keep operators and inspection booths cool. The operators appreciate the light not dumping additional heat into the booth, and safety engineers love it because it has no mercury, uses less energy, and has a bright white-light mode.