About Sunlonge SL8600 wafer inspection lamp

About Sunlonge SL8600 wafer inspection lamp

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About Sunlonge SL8600 wafer inspection lamp.

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These days, semiconductor industry become more and more important for our economy security.Wafer inspection, the science of finding defect on a wafer, is becoming more and more challenging and costly at each node. To help the wafer supplier to inspect the parts faster and more effective, we Sunlonge developed the SL8600 wafer inspection lamp.

Currently, main customers are using the Halogen lamps as the wafer inspection lamp, eg 185LE, YP-150 and so on. Some of them thought the made-in-Japan is good for the reliability. For the wafer inspection, it performs better than the ordinary lamps due to the high illuminance.

However, these days more and more customer are complaining about 185LE. Frequent bulb replacement, high operation temperature. They would like to seek a more reliable option in the inspection.

That is how Sunlonge SL8600 is being designed and developed. We consulted many customers and the QC team members. Considering their demand and all the advantage and disadvantage of Halogen lamps, then SL8600 is workable. SL8600 is definitely a new option for the industry player. It is with one pcs 20W LED light source. With Sunlonge customized optical lens, the illuminance can be up to 300 000 lux at 30cm distance, which is equivalent with the 185W 185LE Halogen lamp. Then SL8600 can help the inspector locate the defect at minimal 5um size on the wafer surface.

Meanwhile, because LED is true cold light source. During the operation, the SL8600 body temperature can be less than 50 degrees. This is more secure and more friendly to the inspectors. Now we mainly offer 2 version, 3000K/6000K white light, green-yellow multiple light. If you need some special light source, we can help customize it according to customer demand. So SL8600 is surely a new alternative for the wafer surface inspection.


Compared with 185LE, LED features much longer lifespan, up to 30 000H. And we can ensure our customer at least 2 years quality warranty. You do not need to replace the bulb monthly like the 185LE model. And SL8600 can be much more friendly to the environment due to the LED light source. All of them make our SL8600 a totally new and suitable selection for the wafer inspectors.Due to the high performance, now we got some heavy customers who selected our SL8600 as the main wafer inspection lamp model and feedback good on this LED light source.Stick to technology, that is why our wafer inspection lamps are approved by the customers all over the world. Always listening to customer, that is why we become a reliable supplier in this field.