Choosing UV Leak Detection Flashlights

Choosing UV Leak Detection Flashlights

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The number of light options has skyrocketed due to the improvement in technology. However, people still consider UV lights the best measure in multiple applications. Despite being invisible to the naked human eye, ultraviolet light creates a minimal amount of interference on leak detection agent fluorescence compared with other visible lights, including violet light, white light, and blu-ray. Accordingly, UV light source is frequently applied in detecting any tiny leaks. 


Choices for UV Light Measures 

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Nowadays, UV technology offers a wide range of UV LED luminaires. Specifically, the effectiveness of leak detection greatly depends on the UV intensities, the homogeneity of the illumination area, and the quality of UV light. Correspondingly, choosing a suitable UV light measure is the first step in generating a reliable result. 


  1. UV Leak Detection Flashlights – In industrial leak detection, leaks often occur in areas that are unreachable. Being the handiest option among all the choices, UV leak detection flashlights are the right choice for tasks in an outdoor environment. However, a significant point of consideration in using UV leak detection flashlights is the illumination range on the peripheral vision given its limited irradiated area. Thereby, the significance of finding a UV flashlight with a stable intensity cannot be overlooked. Using the SL6300 Adjustable UV Flashlight from Sunlonge as an example, with a size of 150*44 mm and a weight of 160 grams, it can support 2.5 hours of continuous operation and contain a UV intensity stability of over 85%, illustrating a high level of effectiveness in leak detection.


  1. UV LED Hand Lamps – Being the middle ground between UV leak detection flashlights and UV LED stationary systems, UV LED hand lamps combine the benefits of both measures. Hand lamps can be held freely in the hand or temporarily fixed to a stand. Hence, they consist of the manoeuvrability of UV LED stationary systems and the usability of flashlights, providing the largest flexibility in leak detection.


  1. UV LED Stationary Systems – Despite being the most stable option in leak detection, UV LED stationary systems are currently the least popular measures due to their low mobility and huge size. However, it serves as the best choice when it comes to several applications. 


  1. Blue Light Flashlights – As the alternative to UV leak detection flashlights, regardless of their lower effectiveness, blue light flashlights are a good choice in terms of less safety-critical applications. A blue light flashlight does not emit any UV radiation, eliminating the majority of requirements for occupational safety. Thus, blue light flashlights can be a less expensive substitute when it comes to leak detection. 


Applications of UV Light

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UV light is utilised in a large range of industries. One of the common instances is leak detection. In oil detection, UV light can stimulate the material characteristics of fat and make all leaks visible to human eyes. In addition, UV light is the best tool for identifying human fluids and bacteria. Therefore, it is typically applied in health examinations and crime investigations by detecting body fluid and fingerprints. On the other hand, UV light can also be useful in crime prevention. It can assist in document checking and counterfeit identification. In particular, the United States Security Services Department and the World Bank rely heavily on UV light for the recognition of credit cards and passports. With the above examples being only a part of its applications, UV light carries countless usages and supports a diverse number of fields.  


Safety of UV Light 

As UV light becomes more popular, controversies about its safety arise. People are questioning about the potential damage of UV light to the human body. In fact, the damage is usually caused by short-wave UV light, which only occurs in the UV infection lamp. For that reason, operating the UV light with UV protective glasses produces zero harmful effects. 



With its numerous advantages, including high stability, great flexibility, and zero safety concerns, UV light is routinely applied in countless fields of development. By choosing among different measures, containing UV leak detection flashlights, UV LED hand lamps, UV LED stationary systems, and blue light flashlights, the light can deal with plenty of tasks and solve various problems.