Automotive industry leak detection––SUNLONGE

Automotive industry leak detection––SUNLONGE

时间:2022-5-31 编辑:sunlonge

The automotive industry might be the most important industry when it comes to leak testing. This is due the fact that numerous components of a vehicle need to be leak checked in order to secure environmental guidelines, safety and function.

With the variety of parts that need to be tested within a car comes also a huge range of leak rate requirements. While engine blocks have quite basic demands in regards to leak tightness, safety components as air bag ignitors have vey high requirements in regards to leak testing. Due to the more and more strict regulations in regards to emission, fuel components also need to be leak checked with higher sensitivities.

So, you can imagine what will happen when a vehicle leak is not fixed. The small leaks can cause the whole system crashes. Finally, you have to turn to the professional technician and cost you a huge maintenance cost.

A majority of parts in the past were tested with pressure decay methods. But nowadays the more strict regulations bring pressure decay to its limits for many components so that more and more parts are testing with fluorescent leak testing.

Besides the already mentioned challenges in regards to sensitivity, the automotive industry is driven by economical needs. Time and cost also play an important role in the testing service. Furthermore, the automotive industry shows very high requirements in regards to quality standards. Thus, reliable and repeatable test are required as well.

All those requirements can be met by Sunlong fluorescent leak detection solution. The whole tool kits include a UV flashlight and suitable fluorescent UV dye. It is the most visually accurate way to find auto leaks. The process is quite simple and easy. When injected into the fluorescent UV dye into the system, it safely circulates with the oil and escaping at all leak sites. The leaks will be glowing brilliantly, even at a distance, when scanned with a Sunlonge LED UV leak detection lamp. Meanwhile, the high-quality fluorescent dye remains safely in the system, continuously working 24/7 to identify any future leaks. Creating easy, on point, leak detection for the auto owners.