Leak detection: Why vehicle owners care about it–sunlonge

Leak detection: Why vehicle owners care about it–sunlonge

时间:2022-6-30 编辑:sunlonge

Easy and improved leak detection are always interesting to the car owners, the auto suppliers and the consumers. Because they can help decrease the cost while increasing the overall quality and the consumer satisfaction.  

Now the vehicle makers are demanding more from leak detection than ever before. Traditionally, the auto makers checked the fluid containers with bubble emission method. The bubble testing is relatively inexpensive but not able to meet the demand of improved quality.

Compared with the water, pressure or bubble, fluorescent UV dye can be a better way for the auto leak detection, besides the moderate cost and east operation, here are some further reason as following:

1) Improve auto quality

The auto can exhibit a variety of leaks, include water leaks, oil, transmission fluid, fuel and so on. Detecting all the leaks on a vehicle can be a challenging task, but eliminating such can improve the overall comfort and quality of the vehicle. As we all know, the refrigerant leaks are the number one cause of poor A/C performance. Now the leak detection that utilize the fluorescent UV dye can help find even the smallest leaks to improve the quality of A/C systems.

2) Increase customer satisfaction

The goal of leak detection in the automotive industry is to eliminate a vehicle with leaky parts from delivering to the customer. The manufacturing processes and material are not perfect, leak detection is often performed as the final inspection step. Engine is regarded as the heat of the vehicle. If small leaks are not detected in the production, they may cause big and huge maintenance cost in the future.

We can not stress more about the engine leak consequence for the vehicles. Now with the fluorescent UV dye, all the possible small leaks can be detected and located in advance. It will greatly improve the customer satisfaction and help vehicle owner enjoy driving.

3) Quality steadily improving

We all can see that the leak detection is commonly performed in the automotive industry and undoubtedly helps ensure customer safety and satisfaction. According to some research, vehicle makers have made strong improvements in vehicle quality in 2022 and produced higher quality than ever before.

As a leading supplier in the auto leak detection field, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye are accepted by more and more heavy auto makers. In the future, Sunlonge will work closely with our partners to offer more innovative and reliable products for the auto industry.