Super High Intensity UV Lamp

Super High Intensity UV Lamp

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SUNLONGE UV NDT Searchlight,UVL SL35-AD Super High Intensity UV Lamp,HID UV LIGHT DC Type

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SL35-AD Super High Intensity UV Lamp

SL35-AD Super High Intensity UV Lamp,HID UV LIGHT DC Type

SUNLONGE UV NDT Searchlight,UVL SL35-AD Super High Intensity UV Lamp,HID UV  LIGHT DC Type

The Battery Type Super-high Intensity UV NDT LAMP

state-of-the-art Micro Discharge Light  Technology


Size: A two-part lamp comprised of a luminary unit and a ballast unit
Lamp Head weight: 1.3 kg;Lamp length: 156mm
Control Body weight: 1.8 kg;Control body: 205 mm
Control Cable length:2.6 m
Power Cable length: 2 m
Top Carry handle or pistol grip type handle
LAMP :  35 W Metal high-pressure discharge lamp
Bulb service time: over 3000 hours
UV LAMP INTENSITY: 30000 uw/ cm2(Maximum 40000uw/cm2) at 38.1cm—Use of the special manufacture process
Battery: 12V Lithium type battery pack
Battery life span: more than 500 times rechargeable
Charger: 100/240 universal chargers
Material in housing: Fireproof Engineering Plastics
1.Use of the special manufacture process 35 W Metal high-pressure discharge lamp. 
2.At 38cm Highest intensity of UV radiation intensity Maximum 30000uw/cm2(365nm wavelength of pure UVA).
2. Large area light: 38cm in diameter at the irradiated region reaches 16cm, the minimum strength of not less than 3000uw/cm2
3.No need to preheat, rapid start, start within 15 seconds, can reach the nominal intensity.
4. Use 12v Lithium Type Battery For Working More Than 2 Hours.

1 set. 100/240 VAC ADAPTOR CHARGER
1 set 35W 365NM UV lamp with battery
1 pcs UV filter

1 pcs  carry case


Spare lamp ,Spare UV Filter ,
Glasses ( orange or yellow)

Penetration testing, fluorescence detection
Biopolymers, fluorescence observation
Refrigerant leak detection
Engine oil leak detection
Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed
Fluorescence observation of ore

Detection of oil cleaning

Main purposes:

Fluorescence detection: iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, aircraft, fluorescent penetrant inspection, fluorescent magnetic particle inspection
Pollution check: electronic components, boards, dust inspection, LCD panel, checked into the clean room
Leak Check: hydraulic machines, sump, pipe and other oil spill inspection, leak detection using fluorescent agents
Degreasing cleaning validation: the food industry, kitchen, cooking utensils, tableware degreasing cleaning

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