How to find and deal with engine oil leaks(Author: sunlonge)

How to find and deal with engine oil leaks(Author: sunlonge)

时间:2022-3-31 编辑:sunlonge

How to find and deal with engine oil leaks

When you find fluid leaking from your car, you need to act fast to fix the leak. If the fluid is dark and oily, it is most likely engine oil. An oil leak can leak to high oil consumption, a waste of money, and serious engine damage when not caught in time.

Sometimes, a leak problem may become self-evident because of the greasy or oily spots it leaves behind on your garage floor or driveway. But you will find it difficult to detect a small or internal leak unless you regularly check fluid levels regularly and notice that a particular fluid or oil is gradually going down.

Before letting your mechanic go under the hood, you need to guarantee all leaks sites are found before the repairs are made. Otherwise, a vehicle will have to return to the shop for additional costly repairs. SL3200 oil based fluorescent UV dye:

1) Car engine oils: 500 PPM. That is 1:2000. That means 1L oil dye can treat 2000L car engine oil in the detection.

2) Diesel engine oils: 700 to 2000 PPM. That is 1.4 -4/2000. That means 1L oil dye can treat 2000L diesel engine oil in the detection.


Leaks may prove to difficult to find at times. Leaks can travel from their original location. This can make finding the leaks very difficult to find. There are many leak detection methods. But some methods of leak detection are much more obvious and thorough.

Sunlonge offers industrial leak detection lamp and fluorescent UV dyes to find the exact location of the leaks. You just need to simply add the fluorescent UV dye to the system, let the vehicle run for a short period of time, and then scan the system with Sunlonge leak detection lamp, eg, SL6300-H, then all the leaks will glow brightly.

The core principle of fluorescent leak detection is when the UV light is absorbed by fluorescent material, brilliant visible light is reflected back towards the human eyes. The higher UV intensity, the brighter fluoresces will be. Sunlonge leak detection lamp is with top 1 UV intensity in the industry. With Sunlonge leak detection lamp, the fluorescent UV dye can be glowing more brightly in the leak detection service. Then all the leaks can be located with leak detection lamp.

Meanwhile, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye are super concentration and safe to use. Sunlonge SL3200 oil based fluorescent UV dye which is just used for engine leaking test. The dosage is 1:2000. That means 1L can treat almost 2000L oil instead. So, you will need only 3ML SL3200 to fulfill a vehicle detection. That is totally cost effective for you all. Meanwhile, the dye will not affect the vehicle system’s chemical properties. After the inspection, the fluorescent UV dye can remain safely with the fluid systems for the future maintenance service.

Regardless of how the leak is found and fixed, one fact is quite clear: the leaks need to be repaired quickly and effectively. A car owner can not afford to delay repairs. And a mechanic must find all system leaks without having the customer return to shop.

To avoid these situations, a trusted brand is needed. Sunlonge has been leading supplier in the leak detection field for more than 20 years in China market. Now more than 100 million vehicles in China market have had Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye installed. Moreover, Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye are approved and accepted by industry leaders to deliver the most consistent results. Now auto makers such as GE, Ford, Honda, Toyota, Das-auto, Audi, Cummins have used Sunlonge fluorescent UV dye as the trusted product in the field today.