SL8604-395 UV LED Curing LAMP

SL8604-395 UV LED Curing LAMP

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SL8604-395 UV LED Curing LAMP Series Seriesadapts the most advanced LED cold light source technology,they uses South Korean semiconductor svc 5 Watt 395 nm 

of  and  Optical lenses.The LED life is 30,000 hours.UV-A Intensity  is 20000uw/cm2  in 38cm Distance. Ergonomic design reduces the operator stress,

 4x SPOT 395 nm uv led with reflection  mirrow universal module design for AC and DC operation simple operation

SL8604-395 UV LED Curing LAMP


Model: SL8604-395 UV curing LAMP


UV Intensity:200000uw/cm2 at 15inch(380mm)

Number of UV LEDs: 4 x 5W 395NM UV LED with lens, average LED life is 30,000 hours

Power supply: AC100-240V(input:AC100-240V/Output:DC 12V 1A)

Irradiated Area in 38cm Distance:150*180mm

Stability of UV Intensity: > 90%

Product Size: 128*145*78mm   ; WEIGHT :760g without  accessories

Waterproof : IP67

SL8604-395 UV LED Curing LAMP

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