Overview of Surface Inspection Lamp

Overview of Surface Inspection Lamp

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Overview of Surface Inspection Lamp

Under rapid industrialization, the demand for manufacturing materials is undergoing a significant surge. In order to secure the quality of materials, every piece has to be inspected according to the factory standard. In addition, given the rising living standard of consumers, the quality of products becomes the most influential factor in boosting their consumption. Accordingly, in advance of distributing the final products, all products will be examined through quality control. In the past, human could solely rely on their observation. Fortunately, with an advancement in technology, the development of surface inspection lamp with green wavelengths has crucially strengthened the visibility of surface imperfections on the materials, contributing to an improvement in efficiency and reduction in labor costs. 

Comparison with Machine Vision Solutions


Under the boom of innovation, automation has become a norm in varying aspects. Machine vision solutions are designed to replace the manual visual inspection applications. Notwithstanding, computers lack ability in analyzing contextual information. Humans thus bear the responsibility in differentiating ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ However, concerning the limitation of human vision, surface inspection lamps are hence required for detailed inspection. 

Factor for Green Wavelengths 


Overview of Surface Inspection Lamp

Considering that green wavelengths serve as the most effective light source in increasing the visibility with regard to human eyes, the majority of surface inspection lamps include a green light to produce the highest contrast. Furthermore, during the manufacturing process in automotive industry, where oil is often involved in the metalized painting, the circular spots of oil become the main contamination to inspect. In particular, several oils generate the greatest reaction with green lights. Another typical instance is the examination of steel. The two common problems of steel contain hairline cracks and blistering. Thus, surface inspection lamps are put into usage when receiving steel at the automotive facility. Correspondingly, the green light source installed in the surface inspection lamps has highlighted the imperfections to a great extent and created numerous applications in the field. 

Advantages of Surface Inspection Lamps


  1. Elimination of Hot Spot

Compared with other machine vision system which produces conclusion solely focusing on features of the surface, , for instance, diffuse and structure light, are the solutions to the reflective and three-dimensional surfaces. Originally, during the inspection on polished metals, the reflection resulted will overpower the quantum wells of the pixels, leading to a hot spot or bloom in the image. On the contrast, with the use of , the diffuse lighting is capable of spreading the light evenly on the surface, while structured light patterns can create texture on the surface without overheating. 

  1. Increase in Efficiency

Thanks to a higher flash rates and a defined coverage of the , the inspection is provided with high efficiency. The output of LEDs is also stable and eliminates the risk of an arc wander or flash-to-flash variation, contributing to an optimal reliability and consistency during operation. 

  1. Reduction in Costs

On the grounds that the  are typically equipped with LEDs, the power consumption is much lower, making them a more energy efficient option. On top of that, given its longer lifespan, less maintenance is required. Accordingly, the costs of operation and maintenance are reduced. 

  1. Reduction in Safety Concerns 

One of the remarkable advantages of LEDs is their minimized impacts on the environment and safety. During inspection, little ozone is emitted, thereby lowering the risk of respiratory diseases and air pollution. Thereby, under the growing concern of the impacts of industrialization on the environment and human health,  can serve as a more sustainable choice in terms of inspection. 




Overview of Surface Inspection Lamp

In general, with regard to the above advantages, surface inspection lamps designated to inspect the surfaces of diverse objects. The innovative lighting technology applied offers the lamps an ability in making all flaws visible to human eyes, despite their sizes, creating an effective boost in the process of inspection. Under their benefits, technicians have developed a drastic variety of by-products, consisting of paint inspection lighting, glass inspection light, etc. This entitles the surface inspection lamps to play a vital role in multiple applications, for example, quality control, image repeatability and blemish detection, acting as a driving force in countless fields.