Non-Destructive Testing of Additive Manufactured Parts.

Non-Destructive Testing of Additive Manufactured Parts.

时间:2020-4-5 编辑:sunlonge

It is among the most exciting developments in manufacturing: a set of technologies that can produce multiple items in a variety of products, from precious metals to glass, and even concrete. Additive production (AM) was as soon as simply referred to as 3D printing. Still, offered the series of materials, scales, applications and industry sectors it is being used in, the term has shown not able to describe it totally.

The capability to create a sophisticated part for aviation or space expedition (and even a human organ) and make it inside a maker still seems like something from sci-fi, but it is happening worldwide daily. Once designed, tested and modeled on a computer, a things can be produced onsite and on-demand as needed utilizing AM.

Why is Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Important? NASA is using AM-produced parts in mission-critical circumstances and in the aviation and power markets where security and dependability are of prime significance.

The parts produced utilizing this innovation can be more intricate than those they change, with a single AM part changing several others. While some quality testing of these parts can be undertaken using existing methods, AM parts also present special problems – not least since NASA is preparing in-space robotic production and assembly utilizing AM.