Ultra-high intensity MINI RAT071 UV NDT LAMP Lamp

Ultra-high intensity MINI RAT071 UV NDT LAMP Lamp

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Portable UV lamp

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SIZE: 26*18*9.5 mm,WEIGHT :800g with battery

LAMP :  24W Metal high-pressure discharge lamp

Bulb service time: over 2200 hours

UV LAMP INTENSITY: 12000 uw/ cm2(Maximum 25000 uw/ cm2)(at 38cm)—- Use of the special manufacture process


Battery: rechargeable lithium ion battery 2200mah  

Battery life span: more than 500 times rechargeable

Power consumption: 55 minutes— high brightness operating

Charger: 100/240 universal chargers or 12v car charger

Material in housing: Sealed aluminum 

Ultra-high intensity MINI RAT071 UV NDT LAMP Lamp


1.Use of the special manufacture process 24W HID LAMP.

2.Not effected  the  magnetic fields – Highest intensity Maximum 25000 uw/ cm2 

3. Quick start to open after 15 seconds to reach the highest intensity of UV light that can be started. Reduce the time required for the lamp warm-up.

4. Portable, especially strong and durable, suitable for both the laboratory and factory environments. 

5. Use RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM ION BATTERY 2200MAH   , fully charged 55 minutes of continuous operation . 


1 set. 100/240 VAC ADAPTOR CHARGER;1 pcs. 12V CAR Charger

1 set 24W 365NM UV lamp with battery;1 pcs UV filter;1 pcs Alloy carry case 


  Spare lamp ,Spare Lithium Ion Battery

  Spare UV Filter ,Glasses ( orange or yellow) ,Ultra-high intensity MINI RAT071 UV NDT LAMP Lamp


Penetration testing, fluorescence detection

Biopolymers, fluorescence observation,Refrigerant leak detection

Engine oil leak detection,Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed

Fluorescence observation of ore,Detection of oil cleaning 

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