Portable Blue Light Leak Detection Lamp

Portable Blue Light Leak Detection Lamp

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UVL8004-450 Portable  Blue Light Leak Detection Lamp

A:4-LED Blue Light  Leak Detection Lamp
B:Power comparable to high-intensity 100W lamps;
C:Inspection range of up to 6 meter or more
D:30,000-hour LED service life
1:Product Number:SL8004-450
2:Lamp Source: 4 * 3W 455nm LED and Lens
3:Inspection Range:6 Meter
4:Lamp Style:DC Rechargeable corded lamp
5:Material in housing: ABS
6:Product Size: 210*120*70mm   ; WEIGHT :250g without  accessories
7:Power battery :12 VDC
8:Accessories: fluorescence-enhancing glasses
Main purposes:
Leak Check: hydraulic machines, sump, pipe and other oil spill inspection, leak detection using fluorescent agents
Refrigerant leak detection;Engine oil leak detection;
Criminal Investigation: fingerprints, blood observed
Fluorescence observation of ore
Detection of oil cleaning,fluorescence detection
Biopolymers, fluorescence observation

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